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Nostalgia is all about remembering the past. This can be presented in a number of different ways form a movie that remembers a certain era or time in history, a building, an artwork, a restoration of an historic vehicle and so on. In this case it is all about remembering the roots of the casino industry, the golden era of the land based casinos and putting that all into an exciting online casino called the Nostalgia online casino.

The Nostalgia online casino is really all about getting people to remember why it was always exciting to visit the casinos of old, the glitz and the glam, the opulence and the exciting mystique all combined to make going to a land based casino the event of a life time. The Nostalgia online casino really tries it’s very best to bring back the true classic Las Vegas and Monte Carlo casinos of the nineteen forties, nineteen fifties and the nineteen sixties. The best thing about what the Nostalgia online casino is trying to do is the combination of the old school classic look and feel of the golden era casinos with the very best that the modern digital, virtual or online casino can offer. The classic look and feel combined with the convenience and accessibility of the modern online casino.

In order to do this to the best of their abilities the Nostalgia have employed the services of the best and the most experienced online casino software platform developer, none other than the Microgaming brand of online casino software is in this incredible online casino. Microgaming are not only the oldest online casino software developer, they are also the most experienced. They not only develop and provide incredible online casino software gaming platforms for eager online casino punters, they also provide the vital back office software administration platforms and security software, all the things that keep an online casino going.

The Nostalgia online casino looks and sounds like a classic Las Vegas strip casino from the nineteen sixties. The casino lobby is colorful and filled with the sounds of smooth piano jazz and the buzz and excitement of happy casino players. All of the Microgaming games feel so realistic it is hard to tell the difference between a virtual game and a real casino game. You can find all sorts of casino games form roulette and blackjack to poker, video poker and slots at this awesome casino.


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