What Is March Madness Betting?

Anyone who has a love for basketball knows all about March Madness. From all over the world fans of American college basketball get ready for the highlight of the college basketball season known to everyone simply as March Madness. The name itself implies a time or period of crazy exciting action packed competitive sport.

March Madness betting is the epitome of sports betting that is centered around basketball and more specifically college basketball. In case you still do not know what March Madness actually is here is a brief explanation for you.
March Madness is a period of time that begins on march eleventh and ends on April the second. The March Madness month kicks off with what is known as Selection Sunday and involves the draw for the March Madness tournament. Selection Sunday in and of itself is a major source for some very intense online and conventional sports betting.
Selection Sunday is followed by what is called National Bracket Day which happens on the twelfth of March. This is when selected teams are placed into brackets that will determine who goes up against who. First Four happens the following day on March thirteenth and involves the first four selected teams that signal the real start of March Madness.
March Madness Betting Throughout The Month Of March
One of the biggest draw cards surrounding the March Madness tournament is the fact that sports crazy sports bettors are able to bet on games and outcomes everyday, all the way from Selection Sunday, right the way through to the tournament final, known as the National Championship on the second of April.
The beauty of online sports betting on March Madness betting is that you do not have to be in college or American or even be anywhere near the action. All you have to do is log on or open an online sports betting account with any one of the top reputable sports betting sites. Once you have a membership and a money account in order to place bets you can begin to take part in the action. There are always helpful statistics that are constantly being updated.