3 reel classic slot

3-reel slots are games with three spinning reels. Also known as “classic slots” as they are traditionally simpler games and easier to win on. Classic 3 reel slots don’t involve bonus rounds or all the options of the more advanced slot games which makes them popular for beginner slot players.

5 reel slots

With 5-reel slots? more rows are added, which allows the player to hit more available pay lines. This is the most common slot game type at online casinos offering bonus rounds, bigger jackpots and free spins bonuses in a broad variety of themes.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots offer jackpots that grow every time a player makes a bet up until someone wins. Once the progressive jackpot is won by a player the jackpot amount is re-set and the pot starts to grow again.

Mega spin slots

Microgaming’s mega spin slots are a variant that includes four simultaneous classic Vegas styled slot games per spin, each has a single pay line and one of the four games is linked to their Major Millions Jackpot. The Major millions is one of the biggest progressive jackpots on the internet.

Multiplier Slots

Multiplier slots add a number of extra playing rounds and features including bonus games, free spins. Multiplier slots enable players to change odds in-game and potentially multiply their payouts for higher wagering. Multipliers add infinite variations to classic slot styled games.

Multi-payline Slots

Most of the modern-day online slot machines offer multiple pay lines. The number of pay lines in a slot game is an important feature of each game that most slot players look for when choosing an online slot game.

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Slots have always been my favourite because they’re easy to play yet offer unlimited opportunities to win huge sums of money – literally, anything is possible with these games. You can keep your eyes open for the hottest progressive jackpots or try any one of hundreds of different themes available. One thing that shouldn’t matter too.

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We have no doubt that classic 3-reel slot machines still have a lot to offer even today. But if you do not believe in us, then you can try to give one of the old 3-reel Jackpot machines a spin – or two. See if you can hit 3 BARS in a row. When it happens, it’s BAR ‘fun.

Slots give frequent payouts and are a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Overtime, you may see increasing jackpots which is a sign of things to come! It’s best if you know how much you’re willing to lose so make sure that before games start, take the time to educate yourself on your budget range. The final step in this process is the number of lines available for each game – consider what a good number would be for you when making your selection.

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