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Online casinos are undoubtedly thrilling and more and more players flock to them each day, all trying to get their piece of massive jackpots. But there are also those players who are not in it for the money, or not too keen on losing cash, and for those, there are many casinos that let them play for free and for the fun of it. A perfect example of one of these is Caesars Casino, a Facebook based casino simulator that allows players to have all of the fun with none of the risk.

This casino is not just about the games though, and players will be pleasantly surprised when they see the social side of it. As with so many Facebook apps, Caesars Casino encourages players to sign up and to get their friends to do the same, allocating them specific rewards for doing so. While the games are relatively limited at the moment, players will be pleased to note that more are on their way.

The games themselves certainly can’t compare to those offered in real online casinos, but they are not bad and do provide players with a fairly decent experience. One of the most distracting things about playing at this casino is the lack of noise. Except for the slot machines which are loud and inviting, the games are eerily silent and players may be spooked by the sounds of their own computer mouse clicking away.

Of course, being a social game, there has to be some way to feel the rewards you get, and this is brought to the fore by the leveling up feature. As players keep playing with their virtual money, they progress through certain levels and are given a clear indication of how their friends are doing too, so that they can compare.

So is the casino worth the time you would spend on it? Well, while there are some games that will keep you entertained for hours, and the competitiveness of playing against your friends is a nice feature, there is truly nothing special about playing at Caesars Casino. And sadly, unlike the casinos that happily give you big payouts despite their boring games, you are not going to get your big payday through this Facebook-based play centre. It is certainly worth a look, but players will doubtless give up after an hour or two and spend their money on real betting.


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