Unusual Video Games Inspired by Mythology

When we talk about gambling, most people believe that it is largely responsible for the expansion of contemporary civilization and the advancement of technology. Gaming, on the other hand, has a history that implies even ancient people known for their rituals and superstitions were drawn to it.

Gambling has existed from the dawn of human civilization, as proven by the presence of some form of it in the majority of ancient cultures. Gambling was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, and China, as evidenced by the discovery of gambling-related artifacts in each of these ancient civilizations. Because the Chinese originated from playing cards, many of the card games we play today, such as blackjack and poker, have Chinese origins.

Scientists have examined relics from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and those analyses have revealed evidence of gambling. It is believed that these things were first used in the act of conversing with the gods. They are known as Astragals, and they were the prototype for the dice that came before them.

Astragals were commonly made from wood, stone, and metal, among other materials. The Egyptians also used these artifacts in a number of games, one of which was called Senet and is thought to be the world’s first known board game.

Gambling may be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who were well-known for their immoral behavior and hedonistic lifestyle. A game that is regarded as the forefather of all types of betting on even or odd results involves the use of two coins. The goal of this game is for one player to conceal many items within their clenched fists while the other player tries to figure out if the number of items concealed was even. You can still play a version of this game in modern times by betting on whether the number will be even or odd.

The ancient Greeks had gaming venues comparable to what we know as casinos today. These facilities were not well-known and did not command the same level of attention that casinos do now.

Gambling was banned in ancient Rome, but it was tolerated during the yearly Saturnalia festival. This was despite the fact that gambling was illegal. In addition to the ordinary public of the Roman Empire, a great number of Roman emperors, including Augustus, Nero, and Commodus, are said to have been passionate gamblers. Dice games are described in ancient Hindu scriptures, despite the fact that gambling is illegal in India. Another notion holds that ancient people gambled while praying to their individual gods.

Games With Mythology

The combination of new technology, as well as the advent of online gaming platforms, have resulted in the creation of amazing video games. Themes set in the past, such as ancient Egypt, China, and Greece, are among the most popular, especially among those who enjoy playing video games. If you appreciate playing action games based on mythology, you should check out this collection of games.

1. Nioh

The player takes on the character of William, a samurai, in the video game Nioh, which is based on Japanese mythology and takes place in the 1600s. The player completes missions in which they engage in combat with both human enemies and otherworldly beings known as Yokai. William, the game’s main character, is an excellent fit for the game’s aesthetic, and he provides the impression of being secretive. The game also has an online component in the sense that you can play through the missions with another player.

2. Medusa

In this game, the player assumes the character of one of the most well-known figures from Greek mythology. Medusa was punished by the city of Athens, according to legend, by being converted into a horrific creature known as a Gorgon. Perseus eventually overcame Medusa by severing her head from her body, which gave birth to a Pegasus. There are no extras in this game; nevertheless, three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the screen will award you with free spins. Wildcards, as is common, can substitute for any sign except the scatter symbol.

3. Norse Mythology of the God of War

Kratos is exiled out of the gods’ shadow and forced to live as a man, where he must adapt to a new world and unanticipated threats. He embarks on a risky expedition across the wildness of the Nordic regions with his son Atreus. Because of the incorporation of mythological people, monsters, and gods, as well as Nordic forests and caves, the atmosphere of this game is the most deadly and intriguing witnessed thus far.

4. Okami

Okami is a video game that takes players on a fanciful and expansive trip that will keep them enthralled for many hours. Once upon a time, the country of Japan was claimed to have lived in perpetual fear of a demon known as Orochi. The deity Amaterasu, a being having the talents of thirteen patron gods and the ability to defend and rebuild the world, came to the people’s rescue and saved them. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Orochi returns to his horror one hundred years later, and Amaterasu is entrusted with reconciling the gods while he rids their realm of the gloom that has descended upon it. Okami has lasted the test of time because it provides both a fantastic voyage and a calming experience for the eyes and soul in the form of a true interactive piece of art.

5. Titan Quest

Titan Quest is widely recognized as one of the best action games, with a legendary setting and a diverse arsenal. The gods are looking for a hero to lead them to triumph over the Titans, who have escaped their jail and are determined to destroy the planet. This game will transport you to historical civilizations such as Greece, Babylon, Egypt, and China. Throughout your journey, you will study and improve your skills and knowledge of magic, swordsmanship, and archery in order to confront mythological creatures.

King of the Sea

Novomatic is credited for designing the game “The Lord of the Ocean,” which was inspired by Greek mythology. This game sends you to the depths of the ocean, where you will meet Poseidon, the sea deity, as well as various aquatic species. The slot machine has five reels and ten pay lines in total. The most prominent symbols in this slot game are Poseidon, a mermaid, a treasure chest, and an undersea statue. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it was like to live during the time of the ancient gods and goddesses, this is the game for you.