Win a New Car

A car is something that almost everybody wants to own in USA, largely because residents of this country do not like or trust our public transport system. However as much as we need, want or love cars they do not come cheap, a brand new entry level car in USA can cost you just over a hundred thousand rand. So what happens is that those people who want a brand new car opt for finance which ends up costing the buyer much more than the purchase price and not everybody can qualify for finance because of ITC listings or what people refer to as blacklisting. Then the other options is basically to win a car, the chances of winning a car are next to nothing because it is normally a whole lot of people who have entered that very same competition which really decreases your chances.

Win a car competitions are done normally to increase a business’ sales or turnover, they do this so that customers buy more than they usually do buy so that they can increase their chances of winning the car. Casinos are also regular participants of the win a car culture, for them the advertising is very aggressive because they park the car in the casino’s main floor for all the regulars and casino game players to view. As a result of this people bet more or play harder just to increase their chances of actually winning that car, thus the casino increases their income because people are now betting more amounts in order to become winners. At any given time in USA there is always a win a car competition for instance one of the famous fast food outlets in this country has a competition whereby when you purchase a certain category of meal combo you receive a loyalty card and when the loyalty card has been filled four times you are automatically qualified for the draw to win a brand new VW polo hatchback car. So yes if you want to win a car just search the internet and you are guaranteed to find at least one competition which is has a car to be won.