Ten Pin Bowling Betting

In its most rudimentary incarnation, bowling ten pin is simply the act of attempting to knock over pins by hurling a rounded object towards them. Hit the pins? Good. If not, try again.

The basic concept of ten pin bowling has been around since the days of the ancient Egyptians, and its no wonder why. The game of bowling is as exciting and challenging as it was thousands of years ago.

Ten-pin bowling is one of the oldest sports in the world and has not changed much since its inception. Archaeologists have uncovered proof of “bowling-Esque” objects dating back thousands of years. Most of the aspects of bowling today are exactly the same as those employed by the Egyptians, with just a little push from technology.

A few thousand years after the Ancient Egyptians, ten pin bowling begun to catch on in Europe and quickly became a popular sport. The idea of bowling as we know it today was pretty much the same back then and, in theory, the basic game of bowling can be played with any ball-shaped object whereby the player is trying to knock over objects by rolling the ball. After that, tenpin bowling started to become very popular in the United States, and fast became a favourite of gamblers. Eventually, a law was passed to prohibit owning a bowling alley. This was a vain attempt to try and disband the gambling community, but the game of bowling persevered throughout the ages.

Because the law prohibited ninepin bowling alleys, gamblers quickly caught on and started tenpin bowling, as this was not illegal. Tenpin bowling grew in popularity and is currently the most popular form of bowling worldwide. Although tenpin bowling is no longer a major attraction for gamblers, it is them we have to thank for popularizing the timeless game of bowling.

As a bowling enthusiast, I love being able to place bets on the sport. From my experience so far it is an exciting game that has similarities with billiards and nine-pin bowling in terms of rules – but you get more points for knocking over ten pins rather than six or eight. The best part about this match up? You can gamble while watching!

What’s your game?

The first type of wager is called over/under. If you think the combined score will be higher than what we are betting on, bet that it will go “over”. But if you want to make a good guess at how many points one team might win by (or lose), then there’s spread bets where people try and predict which teams’ scores are above or below certain numbers. And lastly, with moneyline wagers the person predicts who they believe would outright win in an elimination matchup!

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