When is the Next EuroMillions Superdraw?

EuroMillions SuperDraw offers a staggering jackpot of €120 million euro! The SuperDraw has been attracting more than just players in Europe. The tickets are available online for hundreds of countries around the world.

EuroMillions Superdraws are special events in which the jackpot is boosted to a huge sum – often more than £100 million. To play, you must match five main numbers plus two lucky stars. You can check your ticket on our site if you’re not sure of any matches! Play every Tuesday and Friday for up to 13 prize tiers (the lowest being awarded for matching just two main numbers). Remember: If playing on Saturday or Sunday, buy before 7:30 pm UK time so that we have enough time to process it by Monday morning’s draw at 10 am CET.

Who have hosted many SuperDraw events in the past to their registered players and have a comprehensive guide to how to play, where to play and of course past, present and future EuroMillions SuperDraw results.

The lottery news blog has featured many articles about the 100 million-plus super euro jackpots and bulk tickets to the EuroMillions lottery games.

Playing Euro Millions in The UK

A UK ticket-holder scooped a massive £122m jackpot in tonight’s EuroMillions, making them the fifth biggest National Lottery winner. The winning numbers were: 21, 47, 04, 40 and 34. … “They are now the 5th highest ever Lottery Winner.”.

An 80-year old man has bagged more than £100,000 in the EuroMillions after forgetting his glasses and being unable to pick his regular numbers. His usual routine is to use family birthdays for a weekly ticket, but as he could not see this time around due to wearing glasses that day instead of contacts when he tried playing with random number combinations on the lottery machine because it had been so long since last having bought a ticket (Denis Fawsitt), what was supposed be an uneventful trip turned into something much better winning£100k!

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