What Is The Lottery?

What is the-lottery? The-lottery is a gambling game which became available to South African’s in 2000. It is a game of chance that cannot be cheated on in any way. It is classified as a gambling game because you bet on six numbers between one and forty nine and place money on the numbers selected.

Within the first day of the-lottery being available, more than 800 000 tickets were sold. Three years after the-lottery was started in South Africa, lotto plus was introduced in 2003 which is played exactly as the original lotto.

A few years after that Powerball was introduced. In the year 2007 it was surveyed that over three billion rands was made from the-lottery in profit. The-lottery is played at many different shops where a machine and cards are available, at these players can also check their tickets after the draw to see if they have won anything. The-lottery has a huge jackpot which can be won, but to win it you need to have accurately guessed all six winning numbers correctly. You can choose six numbers per line and the winning numbers have to be in one line. You can choose as many lines as you want.

The more lines and combinations you choose the better your chances will be. Winning combinations can be from three numbers and up. But winning on just three numbers is only a small amount. Fifty percent of the money made from the-lottery is used for the payouts that need to be made to the winners. The other fifty percent is divided and a part goes to charities, a part goes to revenue and the last bit goes to paying employees.

Many people who play the-lottery, well 20% of the 80% target, are unemployed or earn less than R2000 per month, which is alarming. The-lottery is becoming increasingly popular as time goes by. The lottery draws are done every Wednesday and Saturday and many people tune in to see if they are a winner. The-lottery is of course a game of chance so if you are lucky you may win that big jackpot.

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