The Checkered History of SA National Lottery

South Africa’s national lottery is one of the most popular gambling games in South Africa. Over the years it has become even more popular, by not only gamblers but by normal South Africans that want to win the jackpot or at least a share of it.

The history of the South African national lottery seems as if it wasn’t that long ago that it started on our television screens. It used only to be a simple lotto draw but now has the lotto plus and Powerball under the SA national lottery name and can also be registered online from websites

The South African national lottery was first introduced to South Africa in the year 2000 and has been around for twelve years already and still going strong. It has had its fair few winners that have won the most sought jackpot. The SA national lottery was aimed at least 80% of South Africans and in 2003 the lotto plus was introduced. It was surveyed that 20% of the lotto players were in fact unemployed.

To win a jackpot with the SA national lottery you will need to have all 6 of the numbers you had chosen when you buy your ticket. You have two choices when playing the lotto or lotto plus. You can choose the numbers yourself or the computer can do a quickpick and choose numbers for you.

You can get other payouts on the lotto other than the big jackpot. You can win from 3 numbers plus the bonus ball or higher. Most people may win the small amounts, but many are after big amounts and of course the main jackpot.

Over 800 000 tickets were sold within the first day that the lotto became available to play in the year 2000 and over the years it has increased. 50% of the earnings are paid out for the winnings from the draws which are done weekly. 10% is paid as retained for the operational costs and 6% of the revenue is paid for retail commission and lastly, 38% is paid to a charitable organisation.

Either way since the beginning of the lotto starting it has been one of the most played games in South Africa.

The National Lottery in South Africa has become a firm favourite for many South Africans. No matter whether you find yourself in the supermarket or any other store that allows one to play for the draw, it’s usually a hustle of activity with hopeful players eager to get their entry in or to find out if they are the next lucky winner. While most of us are more than familiar with how to play the game, not many of us are aware of how it all started. When and how did the national Lottery in South Africa begin?

The passing of the Lotteries Act took place in 1997 and a year later the very first members of the National Lottery Board came together with the first appointed chairmen being Joe Foster. During this time the board made it their business to assist the Minister of Trade and Industry in making a decision on who to award a license to, which resulted in Uthingo Management being the first National Lottery operator. Thereafter Professor Veyek, part of the original board became the chief executive offer of the National Lottery Board in 1999.

In 2000 former President Thabo Mbeki officially announced the launch of the National Lottery, which took place at a ticket terminal in Langa, Cape Town on 2 March. The very first Lotto draw, which caused a huge ripple of excitement across the country, took place on the 11th of March and so the National Lottery in South Africa had begun. That same month, the Lottery took another positive step forward by handing out emergency disbursements up to R1.4 million to beneficiaries that were previously supported financially through scratch card competitions and were hard done by during the time that it took for the new Lottery-based funding system to be put into place.

Over the next few years, more funding was distributed to organizations and NGO’s who were in much need financially once the three distributing agencies had been established, i.e. Arts, Culture, National Heritage; Sport and Recreation and Charities. Since then the National Lottery of South Africa, while it has faced some setbacks over the years continues to play an important role in supporting and raising funds for much-needed sectors within the South African economy.

Lotto Results in South Africa

The lottery is famous worldwide and millions of hopeful people await the lottery result every time the lotto is played. The lottery presents an opportunity for any person to become a millionaire and start a new and exciting life with 6 zeros below their names on a very important cheque.

The winning payout of the lotto draw is available within 24 hours, to see exactly how much money you have won. With an estimate of 82% of all South Africans playing lotto once a week and an estimated 32% of South Africans being regular gamblers, what is the true lotto results or rather the result of lotto.

South African Lotto Results Rigged

Twenty people won South Africa’s national lottery this week by picking the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8. 9 and 10. The unusual sequence sparked thousands of comments on Twitter and Facebook when many questioned if a scam occurred. There was even an outcry to have their investigation looked into from public scrutiny over whether or not it had been rigged in some way which prompted them to respond with a statement that they found no evidence of fraud taking place during Tuesday night’s drawing for the lotto prize worth 17 million Rand

ITHUBA Holdings

The National Lottery is operated by ITHUBA Holdings, to whom the licence was granted in 2015. The lottery is regulated by the National Lottery Commission and was established in 2000.

In South Africa, there have been a total of 1114 millionaires made through the lottery since its start on the 2nd of March 2000. This means there is almost a winner a week if you count that there has been an estimated 1200 lotto draws. This sounds amazing to the public and gave them a reason to keep on playing and keep on hoping.

The other side of the story is the statistics that the public is not made aware of and that is actually very alarming.

The average income of the lottery a weekend is between R50 million and R80 million, with a record high, on the 15th of February 2003, a staggering R107 million. At R5.00 a row being played this means that on average that 26 million rows are played a weekend. There are 8 rows on a lotto ticket and given that the average person plays 1 ticket a week, this gives a staggering amount of 3, 25 million hopefuls playing the lotto every weekend. By playing the lotto you have a bigger chance to become an instant millionaire than your friends who are not playing.

The lottery however is not a huge money-making scheme and is advertised as a non-profit organization with a total of 34% of their total revenue going to charity and the rest use to maintain and keep up the lottery system.

The lotto results for lotto players

The lotto result are given based on a particular draw, they don’t include the result in one group, they are given respectively stating the money which players were playing for, and if it was won by anyone and which category of lotto does it fall under, and also stating the date which means no misunderstanding of winning numbers, the money which will be given for certain winning numbers will be made clear as well. The lotto result are made available whereby dates are given and how many draws took place and what time , because some draws happens more than once a day.

The players of lotto must make means of getting the lotto result to avoid being one of those who don’t know they million rich but have nothing, since they played and never did a follow up on winning numbers ,the information of unclaimed tickets is made available and the winning number are given for double checking of the results, a person must rather keep the ticket as the best part of it , it takes time before the money is no longer available to be claimed ,by giving a certain period of time they declared and inaccessible as it reached its expiring time which is specified date .

The lotto result are not a secret , they are expose for everyone to see , the identity is the only thing they keep confidential , they protect all people involved for safety reasons ,so a person playing lotto can win and keep it a secret. The only person who will know the person who won lotto is the winning player because by disclosing the name is of no relevance to the other player, the only relevant information is the winning number and whether the is a person who won, and they will state where the money is not claimed so that lotto players can check thoroughly if they are winners and they can claim the money before it reaches a certain date.

The lotto players play because they want to win , then they should check the lotto result.

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