The history of sa national lottery

South Africa’s national lottery is one of the most popular gambling games in South Africa. Over the years it has become more and more popular, by not only gamblers, but by normal South Africans that want to win the jackpot or atleast a share of it.

The history of the sa national lottery seems as if it wasn’t that long ago that it started on our television screens. It used only be a simple lotto draw but now has the lotto plus and powerball under the sa national lottery name and can also be registered online from websites

The South African national lottery was first introduced to South Africa in the year 2000 and has been around for twelve years already and still going strong. It has had its fair few of winners that have won the most sought after jackpot. The sa national lottery was aimed at atleast 80% of South Africans and in 2003 the lotto plus was introduced. It was surveyed that 20% of the lotto players were infact unemployed.

To win a jackpot with the sa national lottery you will need to have all 6 of the numners you had chosen when you buy your ticket. You have two choices when playing the lotto or lotto plus. You can choose the numbers yourself or the computer can do a quickpick and choose numbers for you.

You can get other payouts on the lotto other than the big jackpot. You can win from 3 numbers plus the bonus ball or higher. Most people may win the small amounts, but many are after big amounts and ofcoarse the main jackpot.

Over 800 000 tickets were sold within the first day that the lotto became available to play in the year 2000 and over the years it has increased. 50% of the earnings are paid out for the winnings from the draws which are done weekly. 10% is paid as retained for the operational costs and 6% of the revenue is paid for retail commision and lastly 38 percent is paid to a charitable organisation.

Either way since the beginning of the lotto starting it has been one of the most played games in South Africa.

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