The Celebs of Online Lottery

With the money that celebs earn I often wonder when playing Giant’s US Powerball Games, what would it be like to instantly enter celebrity stardom and suddenly have immediate access to incredible celeb sums of cash.

Would I be prudent and invest wisely or would we put on the cowboy boots and let it rip like so many lotto winners before me?

As much as I tell myself that I would be wise and plan the money and to be in a position of [email protected]#k you the truth of the matter is that I think I would simply just go balls deep and live like ducking rockstar celebrity because well, I can.

Anything over 100 million dollars and you seriously are in the gambler’s position of

Live like a celeb drive a celebrity car and spend your money on ridiculous toys and luxury holidays around the world trips and other silly things for the rest of your days. So forget you John Goodman a powerball jackpot and that’s it done, for the rest of my days in a position of FU.

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