The Celebs of Online Lottery

With the money that celebs earn I often wonder when playing Giant’s US Powerball Games, what would it be like to instantly enter celebrity stardom and suddenly have immediate access to incredible celeb sums of cash?

Would I be prudent and invest wisely or would we put on the cowboy boots and let it rip like so many lotto winners before me?

As much as I tell myself that I would be wise and plan the money and to be in a position of [email protected]#k you the truth of the matter is that I think I would simply just go balls deep and live like a ducking rockstar celebrity because well, I can.

Anything over 100 million dollars and you seriously are in the gambler’s position of.

Live like a celeb drive a celebrity car and spend your money on ridiculous toys and luxury holidays around the world trips and other silly things for the rest of your days. So forget you John Goodman a Powerball jackpot and that’s it done, for the rest of my days in a position of FU.

The possibility of winning millions is always exciting, regardless if you’re a celebrity or not. The sheer number of celebrities who admit to still buying tickets after making it big in the world proves that lottery fever knows no bounds – and this could be because they know how easy it would make their lives!

Hugh Jackman

To say that Hugh Jackman is the kind of guy who does his own taxes would be a massive understatement. The man has been known to buy lottery tickets for other people! Once, after discovering he didn’t know half of the names on set (he’s from Australia), he bought everyone some scratch-offs and handed them out like they were going out of style.


The Queen of Pop herself is a lottery buff. Madonna loves to play the SuperEnaLotto regularly, not only to honour her Italian roots but also because she wants to support the local lottery market. Not only is Madonna a regular lottery player, but she has also won her fair share on it as well! In 2012 alone, for example, when 100 tickets bought by our favourite pop icon were drawn out and all turned into winners-she ended up with €120k ($250k). This money was donated entirely towards building an elementary school in Malawi; that’s what you call putting your earnings where they really belong!

50 Cent

The rapper 50 CENT may be taking a break from the rap game, but he was still feeling lucky on January 14. He matched three out of five numbers in the Powerball draw and would have won $900 million if one more number had been drawn!

Simon Cowell

One of the wealthiest people in show business is, Simon Cowell. But it seems that his passion for the lottery did not fade as his fortune got bigger. “I still buy lottery tickets,” said Simon, when asked if he would donate a hefty win to charities as many others have done before him. Whether he would do so or not remains unclear because while he has mentioned on television how much money prize winners get from their jackpots and donated $1 million dollars himself at one point-he also made sure to tick off “no publicity” box on lottos in order keep any potential wins secret–so no one will know just what happened should they strike lucky with those oh-so elusive little balls; after all there’s

George Clooney

George Clooney is a huge SuperEnaLotto enthusiast. In 2010, the jackpot soared to £117 million and he purchased €1,500 in lottery tickets! If his numbers had come up, George would have used any winnings on behalf of Haiti earthquake victims. Although he didn’t win this time around (or even get close!), we applaud him for being so generous with strangers’ money.

People who become famous after winning the lottery

Jane Park is an example of a lottery winner who became famous yet it’s more common for the opposite to happen. After winning €1 million at age 18, Jane quickly found fame and social media success through her modelling career in 2017 with 233 000 followers on Instagram. She captivated many before splitting from Sam Callaghan (a former X-Factor winner) just months later due largely to their 10-year difference between ages; while this caused some turbulence among fans, she was still able to maintain fan enthusiasm as well as growing popularity via collaborations with Adidas Originals and Vogue Arabia.

Jane Park exemplifies how becoming rich can lead someone straight into celebrity culture: after being one of Europe’s youngest winners by claiming £2million.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford, an ordinary couple from England, had no idea what they were in for when their numbers came up on EuroMillions. They woke up famous with every news outlet in Europe covering them, but the fame was too much for this humble pair of lottery winners who divorced just one year after hitting the jackpot.

Becoming a Lotto Celeb Yourself

The lottery industry is a billion-dollar business and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As the world of online gambling grows, so does its celebrity population. These celebrities have millions in net worth from their successful careers as actors, singers or entrepreneurs but they also enjoy playing the lotto for fun too! We all know that we can win big with an online lotto ticket and to see these celebs participating just makes us feel like our odds are better than ever before. If you want any tips on which lotteries to play or how best to use your numbers effectively then reach out today! Whether you’re looking for help getting started with online lotteries or more information about what might be happening behind closed doors.

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