Gambling Advice for Compulsive Gamblers 

Although many of the gaming facts you learned in Las Vegas may be useful in online gambling, you must recognize that there are some significant differences between the two types of gambling. However, if you are familiar with the specifics of your chosen game and have some gambling advice from seasoned online players, you will discover that online gambling is not only a fascinating and exciting adventure, but also a chance to turn your gambling hobby into a profitable enterprise. 

Important Guidelines for Every Video Game 

  1. Never, ever try to reclaim something you’ve already lost. You should not increase your bets because you are falling behind and want to catch up; instead, you should increase your bets as part of a pre-defined strategy. 
  2. Do not put money at risk in any video game that you do not fully understand. First, learn about it. 
  3. Do not gamble while under the influence of alcohol. Gambling success is notoriously difficult to achieve even when one’s senses are not muddled. 

Money Management – Basic Principles 

  1. You will lose more frequently than you will win, and the longer you play, the more likely it is that you will lose. It makes no difference whether you’re talking about blackjack hands, roulette wheel spins, or dice rolls; this rule applies to all of them. 
  2. The key to success is to increase the number of times you win while decreasing the number of times you lose. 
  3. Learn and memorize the odds of the specific video game you’ve chosen to play, as well as the best techniques to employ in order to maximize your jackpots at that specific game. 
  4. Never gamble with money that is “precious” to you; rather, gamble with money that is “extra.” To put it another way, you should never gamble with money that you will definitely need, or may need, to cover your daily expenses. 

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This is especially important if you play video games against other people over the internet. When you begin betting with money that is “special” to you, the other player will notice your increased anxiety and continue to play as if nothing has changed. They will frequently try to intimidate you out of a bet because they know you are much more hesitant to bet with money that is “dear” to you. 

  1. Establish an acceptable level of loss and adhere to it at all times. You should divide the total amount of money available for gambling into four distinct amounts. Separate each of those amounts into four more manageable parts. If you lose at one of the lower quantities, try switching to a different table or video game, or simply take a break. If you lose the first slice you bet, you should stop betting for the day. 
  2. Maintain self-control and refrain from committing gambler’s suicide by proceeding to the next betting round because you believe your recent run of good luck “must simply turn around.” 
  3. Making plans for the future. When you start a gambling session, you should decide (using common sense) how much money you want to win, and when you reach that amount, you should put your winnings aside and leave the casino. 
  4. When you are on a winning streak, regularly transfer money from your betting bankroll to a bankroll that you are not allowed to touch. This will shield that portion of your money from further risk. 
  5. No financial system will ever be able to outperform the value of owning your own property in the long run. You will never win more than you will lose, and this will never change. The trick is to win more substantial bets while decreasing the number of smaller bets you lose. 

Finance – Beneficial Development Systems 

  1. A beneficial progression system is one in which your earnings increase when you win but decrease when you lose. The term “favorable” in this context refers to the fact that the system is advantageous to the player. Before you can use this system effectively, you must first develop a “standard” betting method. 
  2. The amount of money you use for your “normal” betting system should be a manageable proportion of the total amount of money you will use during a given gaming session. For example, if your session bankroll is $100, you can decide that the “normal” betting unit will be $10.00. This method would allow you to participate in at least ten betting events before running out of money, even if you lost all ten events in a row. 
  3. Using these strategies will allow you to win relatively large sums during a hot streak while also assisting you in reducing your losses during the game’s cool touches. 
  4. One common application of this strategy is to incorporate one-half of your winnings into your next wager. If you win a hand of blackjack using your “normal” betting strategy of ten dollars, you would add five dollars to the bank for the next hand, bringing your total wager up to fifteen dollars. If you win that hand, you will increase your original stake of $15.00 to $22.50 and be able to play the next hand. When you eventually lose a hand, return to your “common” betting method of $10.00 on the next hand, and then repeat the process from the beginning. In reality, however, these fifty percent increases will almost certainly be approximations. 
  5. Another more sophisticated strategy is to keep your money on a fixed number of devices and then bet on one device on each occasion. This method requires a lot more effort. As you win, your total money grows, which means that each system expands and you bet larger sums as you progress. When you lose, your devices, as well as your bets, shrink. 
  6. Establish a routine in which you regularly withdraw a set amount of money from your gambling bankroll and deposit it in a separate account labeled “do not touch.” For example, if you double your money, you can decide to put half of the extra profits into a bankroll that you “do not touch.” When using a Favorable Development System, if you go on a long winning streak while using the system, your payments have the potential to skyrocket.