According to Industry Insiders, These Are the Top Playstation 4 Games

This article contains our top suggestions for the greatest 50 PlayStation 4 games (PS4). We consulted thought leaders and specialists in the field, and they gave the recommendations included in this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). Our comment section is a controlled environment in which you can express your thoughts and views about this post (or not). We are eager to hear your thoughts on all of our stuff and look forward to reading it. This list does not follow any specific order.

Spider-Man from Marvel

This is a master lesson, a genuine love of comic comics. It’s a wonderfully crafted universe that perfectly depicts both the adolescent joy of gazing up at New York City’s towering, inspirational cityscape and the superhero-like achievement of effortlessly mounting and swinging through the city’s tallest buildings. This Spider-Man video game is a great technical triumph that is tremendously enjoyable to play, and it was created by fans of the character in all areas. Because even the most basic moves, like as flipping and soaring through the city, are so satisfying and addictive, it’s easy to lose focus on the story. There is a lot of kickboxing action in Spider-combo-based Man’s fighting system, which is one of my favorite features of the game.

L.A. Noire on the PlayStation 4

This game was created by some of the industry’s greatest developers to give you a one-of-a-kind experience by immersing you in a grim and bloody criminal drama set in Los Angeles in the 1940s. In the game, you take on the role of Cole Phelps, a combat veteran who became a police officer after the war. The city is rife with drug traffickers and corrupt authorities, and the game follows Cole’s career as a police officer, beginning as a traffic cop and progressing to the murders and drugs divisions.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max makes them a fantastic tapestry to play on. It’s amazing how the open world just feels natural and puts you in the middle of the action as if you’re in the bleak, dangerous, and isolated Mad Max environment. Because of how beautifully it has been constructed, the open world has become the star of the show for me. Furthermore, I liked how each foundation has its distinct design — there were innovative variations everywhere. Even though I haven’t played it in a long time, there are still aspects of it that bring back fond memories for me.

For example, while driving around in the middle of the desert, I came discovered the entrance to an underground chapel that had no reason to be there but was nevertheless interesting to inspect. It’s remarkable to watch how they transformed a wasteland into a location with different zones, each with its aesthetic. Another pleasure for me was the convoys. The driving and handling were superb, and while it does take some getting used to at first, I quickly came to like it. It has a good gameplay cycle, and the conflicts were fun to take part in.


Bloodborne is a third-person action role-playing game created by FromSoftware for the PlayStation 4. The players take on the roles of Hunters, tasked with liberating the gothic city of Yharnam from the hands of the Hunt, a horrific scourge. This game is famous for its fast pace and harsh difficulty!

A remake of Final Fantasy VII

If there was ever a video game that could hold my attention for an extended period, it would be the Final Fantasy series, and the VII remote is unquestionably the best of them all. Final Fantasy V11’s original incarnation stood on its own as a formidable video game. We couldn’t stop requesting a sequel or another variation of the same thing because it was such a tremendous hit. And finally, there it was.

To think about it, the remake of Final Fantasy VII is of such high quality that it could be argued that it is even better than the original. The main gameplay of the classic fantasy game has been faithfully recreated. Although the entire game is built on a lot of real-time action and punching and kicking each other, the remake introduces a few innovative ideas and angles that make the game more interesting and give it a new spin. At the very least, every self-respecting PS4 gamer should try this title at least once throughout their lives. It’s a fast-paced challenge with of twists and turns, and it’s been updated with improved graphics, more casting time, and amazing experiences.

The End of Everything Remastered

This is the definitive edition of the well-known post-pandemic survival manual. As you travel across the United States in search of answers, you must protect yourself from infected mutant humans, survivors’ factions, and an authoritarian and malevolent government/military organization.

The game takes place on a harsh planet that has been devastated by a pandemic that occurred 20 years ago. A gripping story, fluid gameplay, and a wonderful musical score combine with the perfect balance of jump scares, scary moments, and action to keep you on the edge of your seat. There is a reason why it is regarded as a classic.

Call of Duty video game Vanguard

The PlayStation 4 does not appeal to me. The rest of my family, on the other hand, is not. After examining their remarks and my own experiences, I can recommend Call of Duty: Vanguard as the most pleasant game for your PS4. It’s a fighting game with some stunning visuals and animation. Even though I’ve only played it a few times, I find it pretty enjoyable. You won’t be able to divert your focus away from the game for long. If you own a PS4, I’m sure you already have Call of Duty because it’s so popular right now. If you do not already have it, it is strongly advised that you obtain it as soon as possible.


Hades won the 2021 game of the year award for a variety of persuasive reasons. It is a conventional coming-of-age story based on Greek mythology, and the protagonist is Zagreus, who also happens to be Hades’ son. The scene is set in ancient Greece. As the player assumes the position of Zagreus, you will die dozens of times throughout your mission; yet, this is something you will rapidly grow accustomed to as you learn new weapons and refine your escapes against unimaginable odds.

The game’s summary explains Zagreus’ quest to leave the underworld while working his way to the surface. It is without a doubt one of the best games you can play on a PS4, as it offers an unforgettable campaign filled with sorrow, struggle, and ultimately success, as well as a tremendous sense of accomplishment once completed.

The Witcher 3 Chapter 3: Wild Hunt

Even though it was the first open-world role-playing game I have played, The Witcher 3 remains my favorite. What’s not to appreciate about that? It provides a gripping narrative with an infinite number of different outcomes depending on your choices! Furthermore, it contains intriguing people with intriguing backstories and the most magnificent surroundings that you may enjoy in without leaving the comfort of your couch. It offers up a world of possibilities for you to investigate based on the types of people you want your characters to be. Furthermore, you can choose to focus on the main plot or complete all of the side objectives provided to you throughout the game. I must admit that I squandered a considerable amount of time merely picking flowers for use in potions.

Plus Sonic Mania (PS4)

Who doesn’t have feelings for Sonic? This 2019 classic is based on the original Sonic video games from the 1990s. It invokes nostalgic sentiments while also being a more modern version with a huge number of territories to explore. The graphics are modern, and the courses are challenging, but it manages to retain all of the traits of the original Sonic game. I used to play Sonic on a Sega when I was little, and now I play this version of the game with my thirteen-year-old nephew. It is equally as addictive as the previous iterations and may keep you entertained for hours.

Everybody’s Golf by Sony

Even if you’re not a big golf lover, spending time with loved ones and playing a round with them may be a truly enjoyable experience. Despite having power shots, animations, and effects evocative of an animated game, the game is realistic enough to keep the interest of an adult audience and motivate children to play through the single-player and multiplayer modes.

The challenge of making a shot and succeeding against opponents remains, but the game has been developed so that even youngsters can play it. Minigames, driving a golf buggy around the greens, and the opportunity to create your playable golfer for use in online and single-player competitions are all included.

The video game Shadow of the Colossus

One of the most gorgeous and great games ever created. Bring your friends to investigate, as well as the 16 large ones that are concealed on the ground. You will visit numerous sites throughout the game. You don’t have to go through this alone; get your friends engaged and handle it together. You’ll have a terrific time because it’s thrilling, intriguing, and enjoyable.

Man of Medan: A Dark Picture Anthology Contribution

The choice is now fully yours. A decision must be made: fight and live or perish. It is entirely up to you to make your decision. The sequence of occurrences. You will either fight the bloodiest war of your life or embrace the opportunity to make the most of what you currently have. Failure to do so will result in them taking advantage of the situation as a whole and beating you. Take some time to think before acting. Take notice! Always keep that in the back of your mind!

New Dawn in Far Cry

It’s a multi-award-winning game. You will capture control and raise individuals with poor strategic posture, providing them with additional power and strength to combat their opponents. It’s a suspenseful and intriguing mystery game. You can prepare for the fight ahead by mentally preparing yourself. Invite your friends for even more fun.

The Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the ultimate battle royale for franchise fans who can’t get enough of Fortnite’s crafting or PUBG’s ferocious rivalry, and it’s free. Apex Legends is the perfect battle royale for PUBG lovers who can’t get enough of the extreme rivalry. A vast range of classes, talents and limited occurrences influence the experience that players enjoy while playing the game.

Odyssey is an Assassin’s Creed video game.

Odyssey is a graphically gorgeous PlayStation 4 video game that immerses players in the heart of Greek culture. As a result, Odyssey easily earns a place on this list of the top PlayStation 4 games. However, make the most of the opportunity to have fun because there is entertainment accessible for over a hundred hours.

The First Battleground

By integrating a captivating and engaging story-driven campaign for the single-player mode, the game reimagines what it means to be a first-person shooter. The mission is divided into six distinct parts, each of which focuses on a different character and front-line area. This never becomes tedious or repetitious. Stunning to the eyes, intriguing to the mind, and occasionally moving.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the title of the game.

Warfare is currently offered to gamers as a separate video game series. The practice of warfare has grown into its distinct personality. The terrain in Warfare is fun to explore, the weaponry is superb, and there are enough varied themes to ensure that every conflict seems utterly unique, no matter where you land. Furthermore, it is updated regularly with new content, categories, operatives, and personalization choices, ensuring that users always have something to do when they switch it on.


FIFA 22 feels like an altogether different videogame than its predecessor did due to numerous much-appreciated graphical and technical enhancements. This is because FIFA 22 was produced following FIFA 21. Despite the numerous issues that have plagued the game throughout various incarnations, and even though several of its ostensibly better features still appear to be gimmicks, FIFA 22 is the best installment in the franchise to be released in a long time.