cookie-monsterWhat is a cookie?
Cookies are text files sent from our website to your web browser’s cache. These files contain some information that enable us to serve the correct content and manage our campaign and marketing data efficiently.

Cookies are transparent to most normal visitors to our website and are automatic in their delivery of each page, which is why we have explained what they are up to in this page.

Most major fortune 500 companies use cookies on their websites and’s use of cookies are in no way malicious or used in any way that could cause problems with your browser or future use of the internet.

3rd Party Cookie Notification makes use of 3rd party tracking cookies to enhance the experience of our website. We track anonymous information of every browser visit to our web site. This data is collected on secure services like Google Analytics and used purely as general marketing data and site usage analysis data.

Personally Identifiable Information
We do not collect player information or any personally identifiable information beyond that of our standard server logs and IP address information. Any email correspondence sent to is kept strictly confidential and no email correspondence will ever be added to our marketing initiatives.

IP Address Information
This information is stored and accessed only in the event of security breeches of our website or those of our affiliated partnership websites. (Please note that in the event of security investigations on behalf of our management or affiliated partnerships and only at’s discretion we may by be required to hand over IP this access information.) Normal visitors “not trying to breech server security” need not be concerned that this information will ever see the light of day. Our storage of IP information is also not constant, or in any-way guaranteed. Periodically we purge all access information in server maintenance tasks.

By using and our partner casino services we assume your automatic consent to the use of cookies. If you wish to remove our cookies from your browser try Google.

Awesome Cookies
If you landed on this page and have not already died of boredom and are just looking for an awesome cookie recipe click here.