Everything You Need To Know About Casino 32Red

32Red is an online casino that has been in business since 2002 and offers over 500 different games to its users. This website allows users to gamble on sports in addition to bingo and poker. The company’s headquarters and licenses are located in Gibraltar, while its shares are traded on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. Their website supports mobile gaming in addition to 12 languages (including three versions of the English language) and four other currencies from across the world. 

Why Should You Play at 32Red? (Pros) 

Before you sign up for an account at any online casino, it is always a good idea to make a list of the site’s advantages and negatives. If the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks, you should be able to put up your money with fair certainty. 

A Huge Selection of Games – The majority of online casinos where I play offer between 150 and 250 games. 32Red blows those metrics out of the water by offering its customers a massive selection of over 500 games, making them significantly superior to the competition. 

The software for their casino can be downloaded or played immediately, according to the preferences of the player. The downloadable version is installed on your computer and provides fast access to the whole collection of games. It can be purchased separately. 

If you’re using a computer that isn’t your own, the instant version is your best bet. Even though it does not have as many games, there are still over 400 possibilities. This means that even the least attractive alternative provides twice as many game options as the bulk of online gaming businesses. 

Unique Offerings

Because the majority of online casinos employ software produced by the same business, you may come across these options more than once. The majority of 32Red’s games are provided by Microgaming, although the casino also employs NextGen and Rabcat. This results in a one-of-a-kind combination of gaming options that helps distinguish the casino from its competitors in the sector. 

Another advantage is that Microgaming is often recognized as one of the most trustworthy brands in the industry. Its history can be traced back to the 1990s, when it developed software for use in the first online casino. They have come a long way since that time. 

Gaming on the Go

Even while this may seem like a no-brainer in this day and age of advanced technology, you’d be astonished to hear that many casinos are still stuck in the stone age and do not offer mobile gaming to their consumers. This is not the case with 32Red, since they offer a high-quality gaming experience tailored to their consumers’ hectic lifestyles. There are over 18 different games to choose from, ranging from slot machines and keno to blackjack and baccarat. Apple users have approximately a dozen games to choose from, however, their options are slightly more limited than those of Blackberry users. 

The graphics and music are clear, and all of the game’s functions are accessible with a few taps on the screen. Some bonuses and promos are only available to mobile gamers, like a free chip and a no-deposit welcome bonus. Every Friday, a random selection of players is made to receive free casino tokens ranging from 5 to 500 British Pounds. 

Quick payouts

In some casinos, particularly those with a less than outstanding reputation, getting winnings can take up to a month or even longer. When utilizing 32Red, the time it takes to complete a transaction might range from instant to twenty-four hours. This is among the best in the industry, and they also provide consumers with a wide range of options when it comes to making withdrawals from their accounts. 

Big Winners

The amount of money distributed to clients is one of the most important characteristics of a good online casino, even though many other factors contribute to its construction. This not only ensures the casino’s financial stability, but also demonstrates that there is no shady business going on with games that are rigged to be exceedingly tough to win. 

When I recently checked 32Red, their annual payouts totaled 35,145,855 GBP, and we were only 12 days into February. At that time of the year, the following people won the most money for them: 

  • Matthew L. received a total of 48,312.80 GBP. Peter B. received a total of 36,815.89 GBP. 
  • $26,256.00 Hiroshi N. 
  • David G. – GBP 22,457.60 
  • David – GBP 21,300.00 
  • Roy P. – GBP 19,519.00 
  • Christine M. – £ 14,001.39 
  • Mark S. – GBP 12,982.00 
  • Michael R. – £ 11,641.00 

32Red is an online casino that I believe is well worth checking out if you are looking for some of the greatest prizes provided by online casinos. Excellent Customer Service When you call 32Red’s customer service department, which has won numerous awards for its work, you can be confident that the employee who answers the phone will do all possible to guarantee that you are satisfied with the service you have gotten. 

Industry Honours and Awards 32Red has received a lot of accolades over the years, not only from casino watchdog websites but also from humble gaming journalists like myself. The most illuminating information comes from Casinomeister, a website that has been supporting honest competition among online casinos since 1998. They have conferred the following honors on 32Red during their annual Meister Awards: 

  • Winner of the Casino of the Decade (2009) 
  • Winner of the Casino of the Year (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009) 
  • Best Worldwide Casino (2010, 2011) 
  • The Most Trustworthy Casino Group (2011) 
  • The Most Skilled Casino Supervisor (2007, 2008, 2011) 

Customers’ Rare Complaints

Casino patron complaints are an unavoidable aspect of conducting business and should be expected at any company that receives them. It is critical to analyze not only the number of player complaints but also the veracity of the concerns stated. Many players either do not bother to read the terms and conditions of an online casino or believe they are being cheated when they do not win a substantial sum of money. 

In comparison to its competitors, 32Red receives far fewer consumer complaints overall. When only genuine problems are considered, the result is a truly remarkable number. Consider the following section of AskGamblers’ review section: There are a total of five issues involving 32Red players, four of which have been resolved. 

Continued Growth

This casino does not rest on its laurels, and its pursuit of excellence is reflected in its performance on the London Stock Exchange. Continued Expansion They claimed a 15% increase in the total number of active players at the beginning of 2015, and they have had double-digit income growth for the past five years in a row. That is a significant achievement for a casino, especially given its current position among the industry’s leading players. 

This segment’s voiceover is provided by Patsy Kensit. Okay, this may appear to be an odd incentive to join a casino, but I’m including it nonetheless. Patsy Kensit, who played the doomed love interest in Lethal Weapon 2, has had my heart since I first saw her in the part. Her later roles on Emmerdale and Holby City did little to diminish my admiration for her. 

Because she is the casino’s vocal talent, you will hear her seductive tones on a range of games at 32Red, from blackjack to craps. It’s refreshing to encounter a casino that offers the appearance of human interaction by employing virtual dealers who converse with their patrons. The fact that it also happens to be one of my favorite European sexual symbols is just icing on the cake. 

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using 32Red 

This section contains a few points to consider if you’re looking for reasons not to play at 32Red. It should be noted, however, that to find any reason why you should not recommend an online gaming firm, you must conduct a thorough search. 

No Weekend Payouts

Once you’ve accumulated some wins, you’ll likely want to cash out your earnings as quickly as possible. You will not, however, be allowed to do so on weekends. Even if the service is unavailable on weekends, you will have no trouble attaining your aim at 32Red. Although this may be inconvenient for some gamers, the vast majority should be able to wait an extra day or two. 

Does not accept players from the United States

32Red offers a fantastic service and a diverse range of games, but if you live in the United States, you will be unable to take advantage of them. The following regions are restricted in the same way: South Africa, Hong Kong, Turkey, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Spain, France, the US Virgin Islands, French Polynesia, and the French Southern Territories are among the countries represented. 

Because there is no manual flushing, when a player requests a withdrawal, the winnings are kept in a virtual holding area until the withdrawal is evaluated and approved. Some gamers feel irritated and opt to cancel their witrequestsuestsuest to save money. 

You have the option of requesting manual flushing if you desire to avoid the possibility of such a U-turn. After the withdrawal has been transferred out of the holding area, the customer will no longer be able to access it. Regrettably, 32Red lacks this option, so you’ll have to rely on good old-fashioned self-control. 

The game selection at 32Red Casino 

The website operates as a full-fledged casino, allowing users to wager on a wide variety of games and athletic events. If you are unfamiliar with 32Red, you should be aware of the following possibilities: 

Live Casino Gaming Poker, bingo, and sports betting are all available

Not only does 32Red provide a massive selection of casino games, but the majority of these games come with a variety of various varieties that can enhance your online experience. One game that serves as a good example of this is roulette, which has six different varieties. These are as follows: 

  • In American Roulette, which has two independent zero pockets, the house has a far greater edge. 
  • They are only pockets in European Roulette, so the house has a smaller advantage than in American Roulette. 
  • The original version of the game was called “French Roulette,” and it had an all-crimson betting surface with all bets inscribed in French. 
  • The prior game, now known as French Roulette Gold, has received a graphical upgrade. 
  • Premier Roulette provides players with several customizing choices, including the ability to change the design of the table or the wheel, among other things. You may even zoom in to get a better look at the rotating wheel in three dimensions. 
  • The standard rules of the game still apply in Roulette Royale, but there is also a progressive prize that grows with each play. 

These are just a few of the many casino games available on the 32Red section of the website. Their choice of over 500 games ensures that almost every option should be available, whether you’re seeking cutting-edge slot machines or high roller classics like baccarat, for example. 

The Live Casino for Real Money 

A gambling establishment’s “live casino” feature allows players to compete against actual dealers with the use of streaming technology. As of this writing, the following video games are now accessible in this format: 

  • Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Multiplayer Roulette are among the gambling possibilities. 
  • Baccarat for Several Players 
  • Because of the accessible multi-player features, you will be able to engage with other players from all over the world. Players of both sexes should be happy with the Playboy Live Casino because many of the female dealers wear the brand’s trademark bunny costumes. This should delight male players in particular. Just bear in mind that the females can’t see you, so winking at the screen is pointless (or doing something that would get you kicked out of a lad-based establishment). 


32Red’s poker room offers a $1,000 welcome bonus, free games even if users haven’t made a single deposit, and a Rakeback plan worth 30% of their wins. There are also other competitions to pick from, some of which include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Sit-and-go tournaments are held at a single table until only one player remains. Among the games available are Texas Hold’em, Omaha High/Low, Omaha, and Five Card Draw. When you choose the Heads Up game mode, you will be playing against a single opponent. 

Step satellites are tournaments in which players compete in a series of more challenging rounds until they reach the final table and are eligible for the most lucrative prizes. Players on one-half of the playing field have their buy-in amount increased by 100% during the “Double Up” bonus round. Freeroll tournaments are still competitions with prizes, but there is no entrance fee to participate. There will be a predetermined prize pool, and players will be able to choose from a wide range of topics, structures, and format options. 


If you adore bingo, you may participate in some fun gaming activities at your leisure in this section of the 32Red website. There are possibilities for both 75-ball and 90-ball games, and players can participate in a variety of different venues. These are as follows: 

  • The Sunshine Lounge offers free gaming from three o’clock in the afternoon till midnight. 
  • A new game starts every two minutes in the Speed Bingo Lounge, and tickets are only 5 pence. 
  • From noon to midnight, games are held every five minutes at the Harmony Lounge, and each game lasts the same amount of time. 
  • The Sapphire Room is a bingo room that is open daily from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. and primarily features a game of 75-ball bingo. 

The Friendship Lounge is the website’s largest bingo room. It is always available and gives players five chances to participate in free-play games throughout the day. 

Each of these rooms includes a chat capability that allows users to converse with one another while working toward the objective of filling up their virtual cards. As a result, it is great for people with little financial resources who want to meet new people through gaming (or gossiping with old ones). 

Sports Gambling 

32Red covers all of the major sporting events, but what’s most surprising is the attention they devote to less well-known or offbeat events. Both competitive matches for the PC game League of Legends and various chess tournaments from across the world are covered. Even if your grandfather challenges you to a game of checkers in the future, 32Red will almost certainly be betting on the outcome. 

Customers can check the odds in either decimal or fractional format, and every potential wager can be found with a few mouse clicks. The majority of these odds are equal to those offered by other sportsbooks; however, you are more likely to find better deals when betting on horse races and soccer over/under. 

One of the most intriguing qualities of 32Red for serious gamblers is the fact that it is not scary of high-stakes gamblers. This service is more than ready to meet the challenge posed by competing books, which may create methods to stop accepting bets from customers who routinely win their wagers. 


If you do not live in a country that prohibits access, 32Red is without a doubt one of the best online casinos you will ever come across. They excel in all aspects of online gaming, from providing exceptional customer service to offering a diverse selection of games. I propose signing up for the site as soon as possible and encouraging your friends to do the same.