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Things You Should Do Before Playing Poker

1. Ensure that your name is on the wait list. Before you head over to the casino, make sure to look up the number of the poker room on the Internet, give them a call, and put your name on the waiting list.

Poker room for the first time

Don’t let yourself be scared. When it’s their first time doing something, everybody gets a little bit nervous.

In most cases, the poker room will wait one hour for you to check in from the time you call until the time you arrive at the casino after making your reservation. If there is a waiting list, this will prevent you from having to spend an additional hour in the casino, where you will be tempted to play games that have been rigged against you.

2. Check in. After entering the casino for the first time, you should immediately make your way to the poker room and register with the customer service staff there. If there is still a significant number of people on the wait list, you might be given a pager that makes a noise whenever your spot in line becomes available.

If you plan to move about the venue looking at everything that’s going on, this is a smart move to make. This is the time to ask any questions that you might have regarding things like buy-ins and other similar topics.

3. Stay away from the trap that is the casino pit games. This should be broken out into its own section. You are a poker player, and poker players don’t engage in games with a negative expected value. Therefore, do not throw away either your time or your money!

Staying in the poker room where you can watch some television or read some poker magazines is one option for passing the time. Do not, under any circumstances, risk your entire buy-in on a single hand of blackjack!

4. Become familiar with the Norms. Make sure you are familiar with the rules of the poker room you are playing in. The majority of poker rooms, if not all of them, will have a sign up with their house guidelines somewhere nearby. Because the rules in each room are going to be unique, it is critical that you read them thoroughly in order to avoid being surprised.

It may sound silly, but if you’re a complete newcomer to the game of poker and have only played in games played at home, it could be beneficial to give yourself a quick review of the various poker hand rankings. When you’re put in unfamiliar situations, your mind can do some very strange things, and you never know what cogs might get jammed.

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Poker Hand Rankings

5. Acquire Your Own Supply of Chips. You can go to the cage and get your chips on your own if you want to save some time. You have the option of waiting until you are seated at the table before delivering your funds to the dealer or a chip runner; however, this will take significantly more time. Consequently, while you are waiting, you should simply retrieve your chips from the cage on your own.

6. Place your money where your mouth is. When giving money to a member of the casino staff, it is a good habit to get into the routine of simply placing the money on the table rather than handing it to the employee. It is against casino policy for employees to accept money directly from a player’s hand; therefore, you should simply place your money on the table, and they will handle it from there.

7. Keep an ear out for your name. It is likely that a public address system will be used to mention your name. Therefore, if you do not possess a pager, you should keep an ear out. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be removed from the list. So make sure you listen!

If your name is called, you should report to the location where you checked in, and they will show you to your seat there.

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The Very First Live Poker Game You Play

1) Make a Post in Order to Be Dealt In. Before you can be dealt in at the majority of casinos, you are required to post an amount that is equal to the big blind. This regulation is not present in all casinos; therefore, if you are unsure, you should not be afraid to ask the dealer about it.

how to play poker in a live setting

The game runs more smoothly when you use stacks of 20.

You shouldn’t bother posting if you’re getting close to the big blind because you’ll have to pay the big blind pretty soon anyway. After you have been seated, the gameplay is identical to that of any other poker game, with the exception that a trained dealer will now be in charge of running the game for you.

2) You should always announce what you are doing. This will make the game infinitely easier for you and everyone else at the table. There are a great number of circumstances that can arise that would never take place if everybody just did what they were supposed to. So start developing the habit right away.

If you want to call the bet, you should say “call.” If you want to raise the bet, you should say “raise,” say how much you want to raise, and then move your chips. If you want to fold, you should say “fold.”

When you call your action, you not only get to avoid the infamous string bet, but you also get to control the action. (When you want to bet or raise, but you only come out with a portion of the bet, and then you go back to your stack to get the rest of the bet, this is known as a string bet.) This is not permitted, and only the initial portion of the wager will be counted.

3) Your cards should always be visible in front of your stack, and you should protect them by placing a chip on top of them at all times. This demonstrates to everyone that you are still in control of the situation.

Your hand is safeguarded by the chip on each of your playing cards. In the event that a player throws his cards toward the muck and they accidentally hit your hand while it is unprotected, your hand will be considered dead regardless of the circumstances.

In a similar vein, regardless of whether you are seated in seat 1 or seat 10, if the dealer takes your unprotected hand and puts it in the muck, your hand is automatically considered dead.

Protecting your hand should be your top priority at all times. You don’t even need to use a chip; if you want to, you can use your lucky Hello Kitty bobblehead instead.

4) Continue to do What Is Being Done. Always pay attention to what’s going on at the table. Don’t be “that guy,” the one who always gets confused about whose turn it is. Because the dealer will always make it clear who the action is on, you should always be ready to act when it is your turn to do so.

5) Arrange your chips so that each stack has twenty of them. This makes placing bets a lot less difficult. A stack of twenty one dollar bills equals $20, a stack of twenty five dollar bills equals $100, a stack of twenty twenty-five dollar bills equals $500, and so on. The game is significantly improved when played with stacks of twenty. Watch the video that we’ve provided below to learn how to properly stack your chips:

6) You should never let go of your hand before confirming that you have been awarded the pot. Many people have made the mistake of throwing their hand toward the center of the table in the hope of winning, only to find out that another player still has a hand that is still alive.

In this kind of scenario, the pot is given to the final player who still has a hand to play. Therefore, never give up your hand until the contents of the pot have been delivered to you. There are even some dealers who might request that you show them your hand first.

Never do this; instead, offer to trade them the pot for your cards by saying, “I’ll trade you the pot for my cards.”

7) Don’t be Afraid to Inquire or Probe Further. It is not necessary to reveal your fishiness to the other people at the table simply by asking questions. If there is something that you are not familiar with regarding how a casino operates, you should inquire with the dealer, the poker manager, or anyone else.

Keep in mind that it is perfectly normal to experience feelings of intimidation when you play casino games for the very first time. So don’t let your nervousness faze you. You’ve spent your entire life playing the same game over and over again.

Simply focus on playing solid poker and getting into your zone, and eventually all of the things that are distracting you will simply fade away.

As soon as you’ve adjusted to the atmosphere of the casino, you’ll be able to look past all of the glitter and glamor, and you’ll be able to appreciate the elegance of casino poker. A game that is only marginally more difficult than shooting fish in a barrel!

A bonus piece of advice: if you really want to look the part when you’re playing poker, practice shuffling your chips at home before you go to the casino. Check out the video that we have below for a comprehensive explanation!

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