Casino Bonuses


The internet today is full of different casinos among which the competition is really fierce. This results in players being able to benefit from hundreds of different casino bonuses. If the casino doesn’t offer good bonuses, it’s not worth playing there, or at least not opening a new account there. The games are almost the same at every Casino, so in addition to customer service and deposit and withdrawal options, bonuses are actually the only way you can sort out the most favourable places for you to play.


With hundreds of different online casinos on the market fighting for the attention of their potential players, almost the only way to differentiate yourself from other casinos is to offer players something extra. An online casino casino bonus usually means bonus money and / or free spins. These can be obtained either as a welcome bonus or for players who have already opened an account in various promotions.

What does casino bonus mean?

So the Casino Bonus is basically a way for an online casino to entice players to join this particular Casino player group. Casino bonuses can also be quite useful for players who can benefit from these bonuses at more than one Casino and thus get a lot more play money for themselves. Players get bonus money and can play for free for up to thousands of euros.

Why do online casinos offer casino bonuses?

As already mentioned there, online casinos offer their players bonuses to attract real money players to their customers. With so many online casinos on the market, every Casino needs to stand out. One way to do this is to accumulate better casino bonuses than others have. Of course, this also causes competition in casino bonuses and it benefits players who can collect cherries from the cake.


Online casinos always have their own rules and conditions on how casino bonuses work. Bonuses are, for example, free play money, deposit bonuses or even free spins.

Collecting bonuses at online casinos may sound like an awesome idea, but a word of warning must also be given. No one gives anything for free in this life and this same rule also applies to online casinos. While casino bonuses may seem really generous, they are almost always accompanied by requirements. So you should always check the terms and conditions of the bonuses to be carted on what is actually being offered and on what terms.

Online casino bonuses usually have, for example, wagering requirements, game restrictions, bet limits, time limits, restrictions on receiving the bonus with certain forms of deposit, and even restrictions on certain markets.

What do you need to know about casino bonuses?

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The restrictions mentioned above may seem like the wall has risen, but here it is not worth giving up hope altogether. Reasonable and reasonable terms in casino bonuses mean that it still makes sense to acquire. Here’s a little insider information about the terms of casino bonuses.

What are the playing requirements?
When casino bonuses are available, redemption requirements are almost always available. Only very rarely do you receive casino bonuses without any redemption requirements. The use of such should therefore always be considered. Playthrough in this case means investment. The play through requirement always applies to bonus money and sometimes also to the actual deposit. The wagering requirement tells you how many times that money must be wagered on the games before the winnings from them can be raised.

Example of a recycling requirement
The welcome bonus for Casino A is a 100% deposit bonus up to € 100. The player deposits 20 euros and receives a 20 euro bonus. The wagering requirement is 30x for both the deposit and the bonus. As a reduced calculation, this means € 40 x 30 = 1200. This means that the player must bet € 1,200 on the games before they can withdraw the money won with the bonus money.

These recycling requirements are therefore quite common in online casinos. Of course, some casinos can also offer bonuses with a lower wagering requirement, which means a lower total bet.

What are the casino restrictions on casino bonuses?
Game restrictions are also often encountered in online casino bonus terms. Quite often, these game limitations go unnoticed when a player focuses only on that recycling requirement mentioned above. At only a few casinos are you free to use bonus money for the games you want. So you should also check out the casino restrictions on casino bonuses before you go to the casino to play. Games excluded from the use of bonuses are listed in the bonus terms and conditions if the casino is a responsible factor.

Minimum and maximum bet
When playing with bonus money, the stakes at which games are played are also often limited. Often, the maximum bet for a slot game round, for example, is five euros. This is to prevent players from getting a big fish and thus offset recycling claims right away from the one-time cap.

Deadlines for casino bonuses
Few also think that there is almost always a deadline for using casino bonuses. This means that the casino bonus must be used and redeemed by a certain date. Common casino bonus usage periods are 30 and 60 days. This is also worth paying attention to if you are not going to groan online with a completely continuous feed.

Restrictions on deposit formats in casino bonuses
In some online casinos, users of a particular deposit format may be excluded from bonuses or some bonuses. Often, it is the Skrill and Neteller online wallets that miss the welcome bonus. This is because online casinos find it difficult to verify a player’s identity through Skrill and Neteller. For this reason, these online wallets are then preferred to be completely excluded. If you otherwise use these two, you may want to switch to another payment method for a moment to get the welcome bonus, and then return to your online wallet.


Once you have chosen the bonuses that are right for you, you can start playing with them and look for it in your favorite game for real money. The bonus will be given to you automatically when you make a deposit. At some casinos you will need to contact customer service if you would like your bonus, but these are quite rare.

So you need to have a game account open to get a casino bonus. When you make a minimum deposit, you get a bonus for yourself.

How does casino bonus recycling work?
The wagering requirements were already gone up there, but not every casino has been blessed and otherwise the best online casinos can have very low wagering requirements for bonuses. The wager must be made on the games in which it is valid (see casino bonus game restrictions). On the other hand, you should also try to find a game with the highest possible return percentage. This improves your chances of winning with bonus money.

Bonus money or real money?
Once you have opened a game account, you will find that there are both real money funds and bonus money available. The bonus money therefore appears in their own account and can be played from there. Bonus money winnings also accrue to the bonus account until the redemption requirements are met. They are then transferred to a real money account from which they can also be withdrawn.

How can you benefit from casino bonuses?
Despite all the restrictions, rules and conditions, it is still possible to benefit financially from casino bonuses. One of the best ways is to play slots with a high RTP, or payback percentage. When playing these games when the chance of winning is higher and thus the chance of going through the rounds increases. Another tip is to play with the smallest possible bet, as this will allow you to play more rounds and with it more chances to make big wins.

It is not advisable to aim for progressive jackpots, as bonus money winnings can often have a maximum cap, so the jackpot may not be raised. Above all, free spins are often met with a payout ceiling, which is the maximum amount of money that can be raised from casino bonus winnings. You should always check the terms and conditions, which also tell you about possible profit ceilings.

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Once the redemption requirements are met, all money in the bonus account will be transferred to your cash account at the Casino. From there, you can withdraw money just like your other regular winnings.

How are casino bonuses introduced?
To get casino bonuses, you usually need to register with an online casino. Except for no account casinos, which therefore do not register at all. If the casino offers a welcome bonus without a deposit, you will receive it as soon as you register. Otherwise, the bonuses will be available to you with the deposits you make. Usually bonuses are given on the first deposit or on 2-3 first deposits. It is therefore worth checking before the first deposit to see how the bonus of that Casino works.

Such are the various casino bonuses
The casino bonus is a way for an online casino to reward its players and at the same time attract new ones. In this section, we present the most typical casino bonuses at online casinos. Please.

Welcome bonuses
Have you considered opening a new online casino account or even switching to an online casino? It’s worth it because every online casino worth playing now offers absolutely awesome bonuses for new players. Some casinos even offer free play money without a deposit. For example, Slot Games, which is completely tailored for Finns, has realized that Finns may be a little skeptical about online service providers who require you to enter your account and payment information online. That’s why it lets you try out the games on free spins, all you need to redeem is to fill out a form with the information you need to open an account. This information includes name, email address, and address. Sometimes you may need to provide the casino with your phone number as well.

Promotions and offers
Tough competition means that the marketing departments of casinos have to come up with different offers and promotions for old players as well, so that they don’t crumble to other countries. You can often win by playing cruises, various Apple products, free spins, movie tickets, or other product prizes, for example. Casinos also run promotions on various holidays where you get different bonuses against deposits or gambling on a daily basis. iGame has made this thinking better and they have a campaign with a new offer every day of the year. Kamppis is therefore valid for 365 days and includes various sweepstakes, draw rounds, deposit bonuses and deposit lotteries.

Deposit bonuses
Deposit bonuses, as the name implies, are bonuses that are placed on top of your own deposits. Welcome packages usually include a 100% deposit bonus that doubles your deposits and can go up to € 500. This means that with a € 500 deposit, you get € 1,000 in play money. So it’s a good bonus, but requires a big bench.

With 100 free spins on redbet
Free spins
Free spins are one of the cornerstones of casino bonuses. Players like free spins and casinos like to give them to players. They are often tied to specific games. The most common of these are possibly the most popular slot of all time, Starburst, as well as the really popular Gonzo’s Quest. In many cases, they are evenly distributed among many different games. Free spins can therefore also be obtained completely without the need for a deposit. Different rules and conditions are often glued to the side of free spins. These do not crash the world, but we recommend clarifying the rules before playing. Sometimes casinos offer free spins whose winnings can be withdrawn directly without recycling. Sometimes profits have to be recycled a couple of times. The online casino comparison collects the best free spins offers on its own page every day.Check it out here to see what kind of free spins are allowed today!

Loyalty bonuses and VIP
Almost all casinos have also built a system comparable to plus points, which rewards loyal players with various bonuses and gifts. Players who play a lot will be promoted to higher levels in the VIP tables, where the rewards will only get better and better. Staying at those high levels requires constant play. Christmas is usually the best time at VIP clubs, when players at the highest levels usually get a variety of treats or other rewards.

Cashback bonus
Cashback means that if you happen to lose a certain amount or more, you get a certain percentage back. with a simple chart, it works like this: You have lost 1000 euros in a week, but the casino offers a 15% cashback. So you get back 150 euros from the casino and your loss is reduced to 850 euros. Cashback is usually offered only in the so-called. for highroller players, i.e. players who play at high stakes. Often the cashback is given back as bonus money, which may include redemption claims, so even in this case, it is worth researching the terms and conditions carefully.

The popularity of live casinos has grown greatly over the last couple of years and casinos have started offering separate live casino bonuses.

What is a live casino bonus?
The live casino bonus can be either a deposit bonus, free play money for the live casino or, say, that cashback mentioned above. Whatever the bonus, live casino bonuses are a great way to get to play at live casino for free, otherwise you can only get to these tables with real money. Usually you get to choose whether you take your bonus to a live casino or a casino, i.e. slot and table games.

The best live casino bonuses
The best online casinos that offer live casinos have their own welcome bonus for live casinos. In addition, the comprehensive live casino bonus system also includes ongoing deposit bonuses as well as cashbacks. Of these, cashbacks have become quite common in the bonus offerings of live casinos. Listed below are a few well-deserved online casinos in the field of live casino bonuses: