World Sports Betting

World Sports Betting is a member of that elite group of bookmakers that cater specifically to the South African player who is responsible and wants to make the most of an online gambling experience. World Sport Betting has an itinerary of sports to bet on that will leave any sports and betting enthusiast spoiled for choice. Horse racing, a sport that has been enjoyed by many in South Africa as far back as the late 1800’s with races like the Durban July still growing bigger every year. Soccer is a leading favorite with locals that place bets on local football and other international leagues. Lotto and Powerball bets add to the different bets a player can try their hand at.   
Rules on how to bet on each of the different sports and how to claim winnings are stated on their home site landing page in bold so they are easy to find by players. These rules provide clarity on the details of the sports and matches. For example, players must know if predicting the score at the end of 90 minutes, is this 90 minutes including or excluding referee’s added time or injury time. These little details help a player decide on the size of wager.
World Sport Betting is aware that in order to become a bookmaker of choice amongst sport fans that spend their money on sports betting, they have to ensure quick payouts. World Sports Betting uses the services of trusted financial institutions for quick and accurate payouts. These banks are ABSA, Standard Bank, First National Bank and Nedbank. Very recently, Capitec joined these banks as an alternative.
It is very interesting to note that World Sports Betting also calculates odds and makes wagers attractive during major international events. The 84th Annual Academy Awards are going to add a touch of Hollywood glamour to moviegoers rooting for their favorite leading actors to receive the statue. World Sports Betting has truly taken the South African betting adventure to new heights and enjoys a healthy rivalry with other online betting companies.

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