Winning Results Of Lottery

When playing the national lottery the most anticipating part of it is when the results of the lottery come about. It can be a once in a life time experience for some and a let down for others.

The results of lottery for a weekly draw is announced after the main draws which happen on a Wednesday and Saturday night every week. The final results are usually aired about an hour or two after the draw.

Results of lottery are divided into different categories, first starting with the least amount won. It also includes the numbers of winners for that specific category. To start winning with lotto you need to at least have had 3 numbers which were correctly chosen along with the bonus ball. It isn’t usually a high amount sometimes only being approximately R7.

The results of lottery can either be a roll over or it could be a winning jackpot. Even though lotto is a game of chance there could be more than one winner for the main jackpot, which is then split equally between the winners.

The more roll overs there are after the results of the lottery are tallied the higher the jackpot winning amount becomes.

It is said on average that most people who play the lotto are unemployed so they really are interested in the results of lottery hoping to win high amounts to help them out.

There is no way to cheat in lotto, the best you could do is record which numbers appear the most and which combinations appear the most and then use those statistics to place your bets.

Many people watch the lotto and check themselves to see if they are winners, after that they can go to the nearest shop to check their tickets to get the amount which they have won.

Many people rely on what they may win from the lotto, some are very addicted to playing the lotto and waste hundreds of rands a week trying to win big, thinking that that week will be the week they will win big and hit that big jackpot!

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