Winning Lottery Result, What Would You Do?

With a population of 50.5 million people, you should consider yourself truly blessed or just damn well lucky when you find yourself holding 6 numbers that correspond with the lottery result…
What would you do? What can you do? How would your life improve when those numbers in their millions appear in Rands in your bank account? Surely each one of us have or even still do dream about how it would feel winning those lucky lottery numbers.

The worst thing that could happen with winning the national lottery is not knowing it and still living your life as you are used to it. Five unclaimed millionaire winners have not claimed their lotto winnings, recently another winner in Durban of almost R30 000 000 still have not claimed their winnings. Wouldn’t you just want to die if you realize you were a winner but didn’t double checked your numbers, or just thought what the hell, I am not even going to bother checking that I may have won and dumped the ticket in the trash, or worse lost your lotto ticket…

With the lotto, lotto plus and power ball, you may just have better luck by playing on all three than just your normal lotto numbers game. The lottery results have made 1066 South Africans millionaires and the lotto power ball 48 millionaires. The chance of you winning the lotto is scarce, but as with the numbers above, they too would not have what they have now if they did not try. Even if you do not win the big million, you will probably still be just as excited over a few hundred thousand bucks or even a couple of thousand. Some South Africans are just as happy getting their money’s worth back on what they have spent on buying the ticket.

When you do find yourself as a lucky lottery winner, you must take some time deciding what you want for your future after you have that hefty bank account. Don’t go on a wild splurge. Get some professional advice from a financial advisor, but use someone you can trust. Once you do have direction and a steady plan, you can reap the benefits of winning the lotto.

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