Win Big By Playing The Lotto

The-lotto is a national game of chance that has millions of people playing the game every week all over the country. The-lotto is a game based on predicting which numbers will be the winning numbers every week, the way that the-lotto actually works is by players choosing six numbers from a list of numbers, usually forty nine. These six numbers are the numbers that a particular player has chosen in order to win the-lotto for that particular week. If you manage to predict the exact right six numbers of the-lotto you could potentially win millions.
The reason that the jackpot is often so high is because of the money that each player contributes to the overall jackpot. It costs a certain amount to play one lotto panel and there are about six panels per lotto ticket. For example, let us say for the sake of this illustration that each panel of forty nine numbers will cost a player two Rand and fifty cents to play; a player chooses six numbers on that panel.
In order to increase your chances of winning big, it is a good idea to fill in more than one of these panels because each panel counts separately towards winning. If you play more panels then you have to pay for each one that you enter, so one panel is two fifty, add another panel and it is now five Rand, if you want to play another panel it is another two fifty and so on. Most people will generally play one full sheet so you can then imagine just how much money flows into the-lotto each and every week.
This is the best thing about the-lotto; everyone has a hand in making someone very happy. Another great thing about the-lotto is that sometimes no one will win that weeks draw, if this happens, and it does happen quite al lot, then there is something called a roll over week. The way that a roll over week works is the jackpot amount that was available for winning last week and was not won is kept for the next week plus what ever has been contributed by all the players during the week.

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