Why Travel

There are many ways, and many places that you can take a holiday. You can take a holiday by booking yourself into a nice four or five star hotel for a few days. You can stay in bed the whole day and order room service, and read, and just relax.
You can book yourself into a nice hotel or resort in Cape Town or Durban and go to the beach every day. There are many hotels there, which are within walking distance of the beaches. In Durban, you can visit Shaka Marine World and see all the fish in the aquarium. You can also see the tricks that the people perform with the dolphins and seals. In Cape Town, you can visit the waterfront and see local live bands.  
Some people choose to go camping. This is much more relaxing than staying in a hotel. You set up your tent and relax during the day. You can go to the beach or do whatever you want to do, and in the evenings, you relax around a nice campfire. Camping is also much cheaper than staying in a hotel.
Travelling and going on holiday does not always mean that you have to stay local. Although it is always nice to be in a place familiar to you, there are many wonderful holiday locations overseas.  
There are many beautiful beaches in Mozambique and Hawaii. Las Vegas has the biggest casino in the world. There is Disney Land, and the Great Wall of China. These places are only a few places among thousands of wonderful holiday locations all over the world.
You do not have to travel expensively. Depending on where you are going, and from where, it is sometimes cheaper to travel with a car or bus, and sometimes, with paces far away, it is even cheaper to travel by air, depending on the airline you use.
If you really want to make your travelling exciting, you can even travel by sea. Some passenger ships are very luxurious. Some of them even have fun events, like dancing, and performances by famous people such as musicians or magicians. What better way to relax than to travel and take a holiday away from home.

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