Why Playing The Lottery Is a Horrible Way To Get Rich

The majority of people, who believe that playing the lottery is a horrible way to get rich, are the intelligent, gifted with lots of common sense, well-educated and simply just plain wise individuals.

We are all well aware that hard earned money is far more satisfying than winning a jackpot. Even though you will be far richer, it will never amount to the same worth as your money you have earned through blood, sweat and tears. For instance, say you purchased a very expensive car with your lottery winnings, would you care as much for it as you did for your car you bought with hard earned money?

Why would anyone waste their hard earned money on a gambling game with such large odds (we are talking one in a million, and even more) against your favour?

You must have heard numerous comments about your chances of being struck by lightning far better than actually winning the lottery jackpot. Well, in actual fact it has been estimated that the chances of being struck by lightning are far better than winning a lottery jackpot, to be precise, you have one in six thousand two hundred and fifty chances to be struck compared to one in a million of the lottery odds. It’s not like anyone can mathematically calculate the predicted outcome of the winning combination of lottery numbers, so why would anyone spend money based on pure luck?

Although many people realise the odds are not in their favour, and that their hard earned money is safer and better invested than in a lottery game, some still continue dreaming and hoping by playing the game every single week. If you are a lottery player, have you ever calculated how much money (more or less) you have lost in total? Just imagine how handy that money would come in today with the rising cost of living. The only good thing about the lottery is that some of the money gets donated to worthy causes such as charitable organizations. And that’s about the only good thing, apart from job creation in the industry.

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