What to Do If You Win the Lottery Before Claiming Your Price

The majority of gamblers play the lottery just for the pure fun and excitement the game offers. But, have you ever found yourself wondering what if you do win the lottery jackpot one day? What would you do if you win the lottery before claiming your price, and will you be prepared? Sadly the excitement, shock and surprise of actually winning the lotto jackpot turned many lottery winners’ lives into a nightmare due to ill preparation and unwise decisions. Here is a very helpful list of tips you should remember the day you become the next lucky lotto jackpot winner:

• Do not go claim your prize immediately
Claiming your winnings immediately without giving your next step much thought would be the biggest mistake anyone can ever make. If you are not used to money, the winnings could have negative disastrous effects on your entire life without proper planning.

• Keep your lottery ticket in a protected safe place
Ensure that your details and identity number has been completed on the back of the ticket to avoid anyone else trying to claim it should it get stolen.

• Plan your next step thoroughly and take your sweet time
Winning a Lottery Jackpot is an entire life changing event you do not want to mess up. Give the excitement time to settle. Take your time, give it proper thought and plan well ahead.

• If you are employed, do not quit
Yes, you might be filthy rich now and do not need to work, but there is absolutely no reason to burn bridges which has taken you years to build. And the last thing you need is for the entire company to realise that you have won the lottery jackpot. Keep it to yourself. And if you’re too overjoyed to go into work then take a few days leave to clear your mind and come back down to earth.

• Hire professional experts
It is highly advisable to hire professional accountants, financial advisors etc. to give you valuable financial advice regarding retirement plans, savings plans, investment plans and settling all debt.

• Relocate and change your address
Winning the lotto requires you to be responsible and to do certain things to ensure that you have better control of the situation.
With this knowledge you can continue playing lotto and you will know exactly what to do should you win. In the mean time, you can grab a ticket from Lucky Numbers.

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