What is Aussie rules betting?

Aussie rules betting is betting on Australian football league games. Australian football was played for the first time in Melbourne way back in 1859. There is only one professional league in it’s home name country where the most prestigious competition (Australian Football League) is hosted. This event has the highest attendance in the club championships.

This sport is also played in an amateur way in more than 30 countries all over the world. Football season usually starts in March running through to August. This gives you 6 months of betting on the game. You can bet via something called exchange betting or a fixed odds basis betting.

You can bet on these games no matter where you are in the world. The best way to do it is to bet online. You can find many betting tips online that will assist you in making the best choice in team. Aussie rules betting is very popular in Australia and where the football season is in full swing, thousands of bets are made on every game that is played. A lot of money can be made this way.

Two of the most popular teams that people bet on during Aussie rules betting is Collingwood and St. Kilda. These two teams played the finals in 2010 and ended in a draw. However the game was replayed at a later stage and Collingwood then won the game. This replayed game was played in front of a crowd of people totalling almost 100 000. Just imagine how many bets were placed on that game!

The most successful club in the AFL is the Hawks. They have the largest support base in the country. The Hawks naturally also have the main share of the betting pool considering the amount of fans they have.

There are many betters who make bets on every single game played in the AFL every year. These are seasoned gamblers and they know exactly how to read the games and players. Since there are 16 teams to choose from, it is relatively easy to make an easy buck or two.

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