What Are The Most Common Lottery Numbers?

Playing the lottery is a very popular hobby for many people in South Africa and also around the world. Some people have a method of playing the lottery that they stick to regardless of whether they ever win or not.  They simply believe that sticking to one method of playing will ensure a win at some point.  However a lot of people do research on lottery games and lottery numbers to have a look at which numbers are the most common when it comes to the actual lottery draw.

It seems that some of the most popular number in lottery draws are 25, 35, 2 and 12.  Many statistics and research show that these numbers are amongst the highest drawn numbers in lotteries all over the world.  However the problem comes in the fact that these numbers are not always drawn together.  Many people make the mistake of finding out what the most popular numbers are and then playing them all together when they are filling out the lottery ticket.  One should always keep in mind that lottery draws are done randomly and it is very unlikely that all of the popular numbers will be drawn in the same draw.
Some research also shows that lower numbers such as the numbers below 10, are more commonly drawn than the higher numbers.  But this also doesn’t mean that all of the low numbers will be drawn in a single draw.  If you really think about it, there is not really a foolproof way of making sure that your chosen numbers are drawn in a lottery draw.  You can only hold your thumbs when the draw is taking place as it is completely a game of luck and chance.

Sometimes people pair the most common lottery numbers with the least drawn lottery numbers to even out the chances of them winning at least a little money in the lottery draw.  Many lottery players have reported better winnings when they play the lottery this way.  However , once again, this is also not a foolproof way of winning the lottery.

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