How To Rekindle Your Relationship With a Weekend Getaway

Due to your hectic lifestyle you have not had a break in ages. At the moment you can’t afford too much time away due to commitments and financially. Just a quick weekend, that will heal the soul enough to keep you going.

There are tons of places that are just a few hours away just a bit of time and effort and away you go. Depending on what type of weekend you’re looking for here are a few suggestions.

Decide what type of weekend you want, peace and tranquility or some razzmatazz and excitement. Either of them is quite easy to do, it’s just takes a bit of homework and not too financially draining on the pocket.

For peace and tranquility there are many places to go. If you are a fisherman there are lots of fly fishing sites around such as Dullstroom. If you are a historical buff there lots of little towns to visit that have tons of history. The battle fields of Kwa Zulu Natal, there are walking tours with guides giving talks of what happened. Sterkfontein Caves is another popular site to go. Most of these places have good B & B‘s that are quite economical and very cozy to stay in. Or, just relax enjoy some good food and wine with your loved one.

If it’s a razzmatazz exciting type of weekend you are after. How about timing it when one of your favorite artists is coming to tour the country and be in your nearest major city. You could arrive on the Friday book into a hotel, if needs be hire a car. Incorporate a little gambling at one of the local casinos. See some of the particular cities sites during the day. Both just hole up afterwards and relax. You could see a site on the Sunday.

Whatever it is you choose to do, keep a watch for any special offers that may be in the media. Bear in mind high and low season, prices do increase.

Camping trips are one of the best ways to get away for the weekend and it will not cost you an arm and a leg. Although guest houses and B&B’s are inexpensive you can still pay less if you opt for camping in a tent. A two man tent is not that expensive and it is only a once of price that you need to pay and you will be able to use the tent anytime you want to. If you feel that camping is not going to be a regular thing then you can opt to hire you camping equipment. There are a number of camping sites that have nearby places where you will be able to hire your camping equipment.

If you want to purchase this equipment you need to make sure that it is from a reputable camping shop that has all that you need for your weekend getaway. Remember that you will need a tent, sleeping bags or bedding that depends on you, a torch, either gas or materials to start a fire as well as torches. Depending on the type off camping that you would like to do, there may be or may not be toilet facilities available, so you need to make sure that you got the equipment that you need. If you really want to rough it then you can find sites that are secluded, otherwise most of the camping sites have the amenities that you will need.

There are also low coat self-catering apartments that one can rent for a couple of days if camping is not your thing. These self-catering apartments are cheaper than accommodation that offers you meals. The nice thing about a self-catering apartment is that you can stock it with food that you want to eat and it does not have to be expensive meals. You spend most of your vacation outside of the apartment anyway, so you only need stock this self-catering apartment with the bare essentials such as bread and milk.

You can always run to the shop and get extra goodies if need be.

Start planning your weekend getaway, and a camping trip is the perfect idea to get away.

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