Types Of Lottery Draws For Winning Numbers

The lottery is seen by many as the answer to their dreams. In South Africa, holding a Lotto ticket with the 6 lucky numbers or holding that Power Ball ticket with the 5 lucky numbers together with the Power Ball means that you are an instant millionaire and can now live the life you always wanted to live. While the core aspects of a lottery draw remains the same there are various types of lottery draws.
With three-digit lottery draws the player selects a three digit number between 000 and 999, e.g., 210. Four-digit lottery draws are similar to three-digit lottery draws but here the player selects a four digit number between 0000 and 9999, e.g. 8427. In both cases a player can choose to play straight or box. Straight means that a player only wins if that player’s number is exactly the same as the number drawn. For example, if the player’s chosen number is 8427 and the drawn number is 8427 then the player wins. Box means that the player can win regardless of the order of the numbers, e.g. if the player’s chosen number is 8427 and the drawn number is 8274.

Multiple number lottery draws are another type of lottery draw. Here a player can choose 4; 5 or numbers from 1-49 for example. This is the type of lottery draw employed by the South African national lottery. The more numbers a player has which correspond with the drawn numbers the higher the player’s prize money will be. A player that has numbers that corresponds exactly with the drawn numbers is the jackpot winner. In most cases, the order of the drawn numbers does not matter. The prize money is divided in accordance with the number of jackpot winners, e.g. if the prize money is 20 million rand and there are two winners each will receive 10 million rand. If the jackpot is not won it will roll over meaning that the following time a draw is done there will be a bigger jackpot.

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