Transparent And Fair Lotto Results

The only gambling game that promises its participants millions and millions of rands at one go is the National Lottery’s Lotto. Lotto involves a vast amount of money at one go, one draw may carry up to more than ten million rand.

As a result of this sensitivity, the results are watched under the watchful eye of independent auditors. The sole duty of independent auditors is to ensure that the procedure is followed; that there is no foul play and any factors that may lead to corruption and manipulation of the machine are not present.
Lotto is aired live on national television; this is to ensure the public’s confidence and allows for transparency. It would be hard for the public to believe something that they did not see, they would feel cheated and would lose faith and have no confidence in the results if they are not shown publicly as and when they appear.

In addition to that, there is more than one machine to select balls and each machine is selected randomly each time before the draw. Furthermore, the presenters do not press the machine for selecting balls, in each draw, a guest is invited to press the machine that selects the balls; this ensures that there is fairness.

Lotto results are given at the end of each draw. The media also covers these important results by means of radio news, television news and newspapers.  Since lotto is growing each day, there are now many results to print, those are for lotto, lotto plus and power ball. It is important that an individual, who participates in this game, is fully aware of the category they participated in; as this will avoid confusion during claims.  The winning combination is the match of all 6 numbers, and that is dubbed the jackpot. There is also a bonus ball to increase the chances of winning. Participants may receive a consolidation for matching three numbers, which may be equivalent to the money they used on betting for that particular draw depending on the number of overall winners as the money is shared amongst all the winners.

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