Tips When Playing Power Ball Numbers for the Lottery

We all have our own dreams when it comes to winning the Lottery and if you are reading this, then its safe to assume you have too! The Lottery is a lucks game through and through but that is not to say that there aren’t a few tips and tricks that can help to improve your chances of winning. Knowing how to pick power ball numbers is one way to increase your chances of winning. So for some helpful winning tips, find out more by reading below!

When you are deciding on your power ball numbers to start with try to stay away from choosing all even or all odd numbers. Statistics have shown that the chances of drawing all even or odd numbers is very slim accounting for only 4% of winning combinations. Ideally, you want to aim for choosing either three odd numbers and two even numbers or two odd numbers and three even numbers.  Further stats have revealed that either one of these two combinations will be drawn around 70% of the time – a stark contrast to the previous statistic!

Using the same concept, another consideration to bear in mind when choosing power ball numbers is choosing too many high or low numbers. What does high or low numbers mean? In the South African Powerball draw, players can choose from 1 to 45. The lower half refers to numbers 1 to 22 while the higher half is 23 to 45. Stats have also indicated that very seldom do purely lower half or higher half numbers get drawn so again, aim to choose two or three lower half numbers and similarly three or two higher half numbers.  Further research on the types of winning number combinations that get drawn has shown to favour to quite a large degree either one of these patterns.

In summary, when choosing and playing with power ball numbers always aim for mixing up odd and even numbers together with both lower and higher numbers. By following this approach you will be improving your chances of winning the Powerball jackpot. Good luck!

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