Tips For Playing The South African National Lottery

Ever since the national lottery was launched in South Africa in 2000, every South African openly, and some secretly, hope to one day buy the winning ticket and change their lives forever. Some people just always put off because they are so busy or they work odd hours and half the time when they think of buying a Lotto ticket, they are either at work or the supermarket with the Lotto betting point is closed. Whatever the reason some people have never played the Lotto and they wouldn’t know where to start. Below are some useful tips.

• The Lotto draw in South Africa is held every Wednesday and Saturday night at half past nine at night. Try to be near a radio or television set around that time so you can check to see if you are a winner. There is a lot of money that remains unclaimed because winners forget to check if they are winners. There are other ways to check the results if you miss the live draw. Most newspapers will have the winning numbers on the front pages of the following days edition. The internet is a good source for the six lucky Lotto numbers. There are even subscription services that will text the numbers after every Lotto draw.

• Avoid long queues by buying your ticket a while before the draw. The best days to buy Lotto tickets in South Africa are Sunday and Thursday. People are still reeling over the previous night’s results and are not eager to buy tickets if they have lost. There is least likely to be a queue when you buy Lotto tickets on these days.
• Once you receive the print-out of your ticket, write your name, address and identity number on the back of the print-out. This identifies you as the true owner of the ticket and protects you should someone try to steal your ticket and fraudulently attempt to claim the winnings. People have gone to court over who the owner of the winning ticket really is.

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