Three Interesting Points On Playing Mega Millions Lottery

The Mega Millions lottery is a controversial game, some people play it religiously every week while other people never play it, claiming that you may as well just burn your money. While the odds of winning either Mega Millions or even Powerball are indeed astronomical there are a few interesting points that have been raised by a number of people including professional gamblers as to why it is indeed a good idea to play lotto.

One good reason is if the lotto jackpot has expected value, what this basically boils down to is this; if the lotto jackpot is high enough, let us say for example that the lotto jackpot happens to be 540 million, let us also say for argument sake that you are spending one unit of currency for a ticket, in this case one single rand. If you do win the lotto you can expect around 60 percent of the total as a lump sum payment, so that would be around 380 million. This effectively means that the return on your initial investment will be about 2 to 1. Basically it really is up to you, if you feel that buying a ticket is worth the gamble then go for it.

Another reason is just the pure entertainment of participation. Buying a lotto ticket is like buying an entertainment ticket to something or together, if you go to a theme park and spend some money on a roller coaster ride then there is no real difference in spending less than that on a lotto ticket, the thrill of possibly winning and waiting the outcome can be compared to a roller coaster ride.

Lastly a really big lotto jackpot can be a historic event, buying a lotto ticket is like buying a chance to be part of an historic event and if you win it you yourself will be part of history forever.

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