The Truth About Lotto Results

The rush to watch the live lotto results is a regular happening in households all over South Africa today, South Africans have become infatuated with the lottery nowadays and spend millions of rands week after week and month after month in the hope that they will be the lucky ones to become millionaires over night. The lotto results is a weekly TV phenomenon that put many South Africans in a trance as they wait for the numbers to be drawn and more often than not are disappointed as the first number is drawn and it is not one of their numbers.

The thing about the lotto is that it is all in the name of luck, no matter how many people strategize, add and subtract when they are choosing their numbers the lotto results are only meant for that person who seemingly either chose their numbers right or played the quick pick option which afforded them the chance to become a millionaire over night. For many South Africans becoming a millionaire is a dream that will never be realized but admittedly there is an excitement that goes with playing the lotto and then sitting in front of the TV waiting to see if you are the lucky winner of a million or more.

Although sometimes one might think that the lotto results have been tampered with in some way or another this im sure is not the case but due to the fact that it seems completely impossible to win it the mind decides that you will never win, when most people get to this stage it is normally the end of their lotto days but for some people, the ever optimistic that is, there is no such word as never, so week after week they will still continue to choose their numbers which includes birth dates, registration numbers, lucky numbers, spouses lucky numbers or even a formula that they have devised which they are sure will win them that million.

So although the lotto results mean very little to some, for many South Africans this is their one chance to become the millionaire that they have always wanted to be and become the envy of so many around them.

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