The Natonal Lottery In South Africa Not Just a Millionare Maker

From a nation of 51 million people, 1069 citizens have Tata Ma Chance and won the jackpot consisting of millions. The national lottery have not only made those citizens multi-millionaires, but have made 357,916,687 people also winners, some just under the jackpot amount and others just enough winnings to purchase another few tickets.  Within the first week of the opening of the lottery 800 000 tickets were sold with a whopping sales amount of over R70 000 000. The sales amount is hardly ever equal to the jackpot winning amount, but the money does have some other good in it as well.

Many South Africans are wondering where all the sales money goes to apart from the winnings. The national lottery is giving 34 of its percentage to a charitable distribution fund that helps non profitable initiatives to succeed and carries on with the help they give to the communities. These initiatives include arts, crafts and heritage, charities with field of social well fare, health and social development. Others include sport and recreation in especially the disadvantaged communities and also funds for grants. Six percent gets paid to the retail commission, 10 percent for operational costs and 50 percent goes towards all the winnings you may win.

Chances of winning have become better since the national lottery have installed the lotto plus and the power ball draw. You may think that all the lucky jackpot winners are now living the life you dream of, but for some of those winners are still in the same position as you because for some reason there are still unclaimed tickets worth millions. 30 million Rands in jackpot winnings have not been claimed, so to be sure you are not one of those unlucky people make sure you double and triple check your ticket numbers and make sure you do not misplace or lose any of your tickets that you bought. Unclaimed money have a certain expiry date and the money will be kept by Gidani until then when it will be used in following lottery jackpot amounts.

The national lottery has given many South Africans the freedom to a new life and not only by people with the luck in their hands, but to unprivileged communities and citizens that are in need of capital help. You may not be the next winner, but you are in the same time a helping hand to other South Africans, and for all you know, you might just be the next person with a seven figure in your new bank account.

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