The National Lotto Results

Playing the lotto, lotto plus and the Powerball will give you more of an chance of winning the jackpot or even just get your money’s worth back of purchasing your tickets.  The National lotto results have given many South Africans a brand new future. For a few others, well, they are multi-millionaires without even knowing it. The results of taking a chance with the national lottery can only be to your advantage, thus if you are not foolish enough as some and use your entire life savings on tickets and still not win…

From a nation of 50.5 million people, the national lotto results have given 1066 people a brand new future with them choosing the correct jackpot numbers, and 48 millionaires from the Powerball.  Millions of other South Africans have won huge amounts of money without choosing the jackpot numbers, for some even R200 is a big win. Five unclaimed millionaires are without their winnings of R29.9 million together. And a single winner from Durban is still without R30 000 000 in the bank…  Some people revealed using their life savings and selling all they have to buy tickets for a single jackpot amount and still not get the numbers correct.

All unclaimed lotto jackpots have a certain expire date, those who do not claim their money will lose the winning. The money that has not been claimed will be kept by Gidani and will be used in other lottery jackpot amounts.

One should always double check a lottery ticket to make sure you have not missed some numbers that may cost you a brighter looking future. Always keep your tickets in a save place so that it does not get replaced or even lost. When you do find yourself holding the winning numbers, keep that ticket in a saver and dry place until you hand it in with your Id book at the national lottery commissions office for your winnings.  From there you can splurge away, but a word of advice will be to first take a good look at how you want your future to be and to go talk to a trusted financial advisor.

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