The Lotto

Since South Africans were first introduced to the South African national lottery in 2000, thousands of South Africans eagerly await the Lotto results every week. People buy tickets throughout the week and then gather around to watch the live televised draws that take place on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Those who are unable to watch the draws as they take place can also find the results of each draw in the next day’s newspaper, in stores that have lottery terminals and on the internet.

The Lotto and its related game, the Lotto Plus is very simple and affordable to play. You simply pick six numbers you think will win, take your R3.50 to the nearest lottery terminal, receive your official ticket and wait for the results. If you decide to purchase a Lotto ticket, you will also have the option of entering into the Lotto Plus draw. The Lotto Plus may not have the same amount of prize money or an equally large jackpot as the Lotto, but it is still worth paying an extra R1.50 to enter your Lotto numbers into that draw. This gives you an even better chance of winning. You can only play the Lotto Plus if you have already selected six numbers for the Lotto draw. The Lotto Plus is not an independent lottery and it is therefore compulsory to enter the Lotto draw before entering the Lotto Plus draw.

Each week, the South African national lottery uses a variety of different lottery machines and balls to select the six winning numbers and the bonus ball. These machines are made tamper proof by a series of checks that are conducted on a regular basis. The balls used are also checked after every five draws. This is to make sure that the machines have not altered the size, shape or weight of the balls, especially if the balls are in the same set. An independent auditor is always present at each draw to make sure that the draw really is random and fair to all parties involved. The Lotto is a game of chance, and should remain exactly that.

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