The Lotto Results

When we have picked the right numbers to win big on the lotto it is obviously important to obtain the winning numbers to see if one has been lucky enough to win the millions.
There are various means to obtain these results of which the first is the 10 minute show on television called the live lotto draw.  This gives you immediate access to the numbers.  In the past this used to be the only way other than the numbers being published in the news papers.  However through the years various ways have been developed to keep players aware of the numbers any time they want them.
A dedicated website was launched indicating all winning numbers from each week and a calendar allows one to check winning lotto numbers from every time the lotto was played.  The website also includes many other features and more games where one stands a chance to win as well.  It is almost like an online casino.  So while you are looking up the winning lotto numbers, you can play another game which allows you to possibly win money.  All in a day’s work.  What a day if one wins both.

Many other ways to obtain the lotto results were developed, of which one is sms services that send you the numbers as they are picked.  In the event where you are not able to watch the live draw and cannot wait until the next morning to find out whether you are a millionaire, you can opt for the sms service and be notified immediately.

Recently more and more websites have popped up; all dedicated to the lotto results.  It is no longer exclusive to the national lottery themselves.  Many of these sites even provide a method to easily choose numbers and to check on all previously picked numbers.  It also includes graphs and statistics of numbers previously picked and allows you to research for sequences in order to choose the right numbers.

Obtaining the lotto results is easy and quick allowing you to be either elated or throw the ticket in the trash and try again next time.

Lotto results for South African citizens

There are many ways lotto results for South Africans can be viewed. The lottery makes its results available to South Africans instantly and within a mere matter of minutes all South Africans can have access to the lotto results for free. The avenues to explore that you can use to find the latest lotto results for the winning numbers are virtually endless.

You can use your favourite media outlet to gain the lotto results for the winning numbers. There are popular portals that will show you the results seconds after it becomes available. Nothing is worse than having that lotto ticket in your pocket and you don’t know if you were lucky and were able to strike it big for once in your life.

Well now there are many ways you can find the latest lotto results for the winning numbers. One of the most popular ways of finding the latest lotto results is by using your cell phone. You can subscribe to SMS notifications from many different services. They will then, for a nominal fee each week, SMS to your number the very latest lotto results for all different lottery products and services. It is great for you as you can get it on your phone, anywhere you are, as soon as it becomes available.

You will, however, need to have enough airtime on your phone to cover the subscription charges to the service. Another popular way is to visit the mobile sites of newspapers on your phone. Popular newspapers provide the latest lotto results for their readers and will keep it posted on their sites for the entire week until the next results become available. In fact, it is not only their mobile and WAP sites that have these services. You can also view the lotto results for the week on their proper websites and on websites like

You can also subscribe to email notification and receive an email with the latest lotto results for the winning numbers as soon as it becomes available. This will provide you with the latest lottery results as soon as it becomes available.

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