The Lotto: Lotto Odds And How To Improve Them

Most of us have daydreamed about winning the lottery out of any other game because simply put, there is not other game that is so widespread and offers such huge winnings as the Lotto. Lotto odds as a result is an aspect of the game most players would love to improve in order to increase their chances of winning the jackpot. While every single entry into the lotto stays fixed on the same odds, you can improve your odds by increasing your number of entries into the draw.

When playing the lotto, lotto odds can be improved a number of ways. A very quick and easy way to do this is buy choosing the Lucky Dip or Quick Pick when it comes to picking your numbers. This aside, you can also use a more systematic approach to increase your odds of winning the jackpot. In other words, you could buy enough entries that will include all the possible numbers that are used in the lottery game. If the lottery was based on 6 numbers up to the number 49 then you choose the numbers consecutively from 1 to 49, which would amount to buying nine numbers in total.

Another way to go about this is to mix the numbers up as many may not like to fill in their numbers in a consecutive manner. If you decide to mix your numbers up its important to make sure that you don’t repeat any of the numbers until you have covered each one. Thereafter you can repeat any number you want. The aim of the approach is to enter as few lines as possible while still covering every number possible. This way you are guaranteed to match some of the numbers and then all you can do is hope you have put the winnings numbers on the same line!

When it comes to playing the lotto, lotto odds can be improved by following this systematic approach. So rather than playing with one entry, buy covering all the posisble numbers you are improving your odds and although the chances of winning are still not great, an improvement still means you are increasing your chances of winning!

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