The Lotto Lottery Numbers

The lottery numbers are all part of South Africa’s lotto game. It was first introduced to South Africans in they year 2000 and sold over 800 000 tickets within its first day on sale. To boost the sales the lotto plus was introduced in 2003.

The lottery numbers consist of forty nine numbers, from one to forty nine you may choose six numbers you may believe are the winning numbers.

The lottery numbers have a range of ways which can help you win. To start winning on the lottery numbers you need to at least have selected three numbers along with the bonus ball. The more numbers the higher your payout will be on the winnings. To win the jackpot you need to have selected all six numbers correctly.

The lottery numbers are one of the most played gambling games in South Africa. It is surveyed that most of the people in South Africa who play the lotto are unemployed or earning less than R2000 per month.

The draws for the lottery numbers are done weekly, usually on a Wednesday and Saturday. Back when lotto was started it used to be just the lotto and lotto plus but recently the powerball was established under the national lottery game.

You have two choices when choosing your lottery numbers. You can either choose them yourself, you can choose 6 numbers and up to 9 lines. You can also use the quickpick option, where a computer chooses the numbers for you.

The lottery numbers during the draw are selected by being placed into a few cylinders and when an accountant is present they press the button to release the balls into a round cylinder which every 2 seconds or so choose a ball and transfer it into a tube for the nation to see. Five numbers are chosen and then one is chosen for the bonus ball.

There are many people who have either won big or have even been lucky enough to win the jackpot. Some may win small amounts of money, but often at the end of the draw and the cards have been counted the jackpot is usually a roll over.

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