The Joys Of Betting, Are Priceless

I believe betting to hold many advantages and disadvantages, good and bad. People love placing wages/betting on games, dares, on just about anything with two possible outcomes. Betting is fun, the excitement of while waiting for the final outcome to see if you are a winner or a looser, if you were right or wrong. Although betting is seen as a financial risk you are taking, just about every single person on this globe is willing to take the risk, even if it’s purely just for the short term thrill and excitement of perhaps, maybe being the winner.

There are so many betting options these days it is truly unlimited: Betting on your prediction of sports results, betting on your hand in poker, betting on your hand in blackjack, betting your friend that you are right, and he/she is wrong etc.

In the olden days we were mainly only exposed to horse racing betting, but these days you have the option of not only betting at a local casino, but you have the option of betting on lotto, Powerball at your local café even, and recently the online option of betting was introduced enabling anyone above 18 to bet from anywhere worldwide as long as they have a computer and internet access, and the latest introduction being mobile betting.

We are all dreamers, and majority of the world’s population will always try betting and hoping to win. And the more you are winning, the more you will find yourself betting. And sadly, there are those who tend to be betting more after losing streaks, and the more they lose, the more the urge rises inside of them to start betting more and more to recover their losses. For some this road of betting only ends in loneliness, sadness and left with nothing due to the constant urge to win after betting and to try recover their losses which they could not afford in the first place. It consumes them in every single way and becomes a constant addiction to satisfy their craving for more.

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