The Innocence Of House Plans

One of the first things someone, who is just embarking on their lives as an adult, will do is think about their house plans. This is also the dominant thought for any newly married or newly committed couple. The house plans are what hold so many couples together when they are first starting out and things are going a little bit tougher than they had expected.  

The plans for their dream house; the house that will be the home of the family, whose plans are also in the pipeline, is something very sacred. The house plans for anyone: be it a couple or a single person is the next step in the evolution that is known as growing up. House plans are a sign that you are putting done roots that the plans you are making are not just some distant dream of the future but a reality that you are making happen.  

House plans let people know that you are serious about whatever you are doing, just because houses ate not cheap and very few people can just plan one at a whim. To make house plans normally mean getting into quite serious amount of debt and that alone is a major commitment.  
The snag with house plans is that even though they are just plans they are not free, doodles on a napkin only count in the movies. House plans that are in any way serious require the skills of a trained architect and they definitely do not come cheap. Sadly, it is only the stubborn and naturally practical people who actually even get to see the complete plans for their house come to life on paper, because so often the plans that people envision for their houses just are not practically possible.  

This can be for structural reasons, namely the flying buttress you imagine just is not physically possible, or it is a case of the plans you have for house requiring more money than Sol Kerzner has lying around his casino. The best advice anyone can give someone who is getting ready to start making house plans is to befriend an architect and get him/her involved in your dream from the start.

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