The Generous Lotto

If people would stop for one minute to think about how the Lotto helps more South Africans that most people realise. Yes, we all see the glamourous live television draws with number machine than have interesting names. When these machines spit out winning balls, Lotto players know all too well the feeling of anxiousness as they hope and pary the numbers on television match the numbers they pick. The feeling of disappointment is also one that Lotto players have learned to live with as it often happens that the numbers do not match; it wouldn’t be a game of chance if they matched all the time.

When people lose they think they have wasted money but in actual fact, their loss in money could very well be the biggest contribution they have made to a good cause all week. Proceeds from the Lotto are used to lend a helping hand to charities and other organisations that could do with a financial push in the right direction. The national lottery provides funding for organisations that open their arms to abused women and children, people living various illnesses and orphaned children. Unfortunately in South Africa, there are many people that fall under these groups and these charitable organisation feel the pressure and would not survive without the help of establishments like the lottery. Schools are the other beneficiaries on the long list of areas of concern in which the national lottery tries to make a difference.

So, one can see, that whether you strike it rich and hit the jackpot or whether the numbers work against you this week; you are really always a winner with the lottery. By playing the Lotto, people who do not have the time to invest in actively involving themselves in charity, are also able to be part of the solution. Lotto players make a valuable contribution to the national lottery’s fund for charities and there are thousands of people that benefit from each and every bet placed, whether it is a win or not.

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