The Chase For The Winning National Lottery Numbers

Since its launch in 2000, the Lotto has gained popularity amongst young and old, male and female and across colour lines. Often in movies we hear of the ‘American Dream’ which is a nice big house with a white picket fence in a quiet crime-free neighbourhood, a wonderful spouse, children and a well-paying job. Well, the South African Dream is less specific; South African just want to win the Lotto. In fact, South Africans want to win the lottery so badly that even those that have never played often say things like: ‘One day when I win the Lotto…’.The country’s economy has never really been stable, not for everyone and not all the time. The country’s economy is like the lottery too; one never knows if one will be a winner and get lower interest rates or a winner and pay less tax.

All it takes is six lucky numbers and that’s really how simple it is. Players stand in long queues every Wednesday and Saturday evening hoping to place their bets before cut-off at eight in the evening. They each have a set, or more, of 6 national lottery numbers that they have picked out of 49 numbers which they believe will make their South African Dream come true. Some players play only the bare minimum because should they lose, life goes back to normal once again and they still need to buy bread. Others will wager their whole salary hoping to broaden their chances of a win, those are the ones that stand in queue looking tight and nervous.

Then there are of course those that just needed some airtime at the kiosk and decided to give the Lotto a try when they saw the machine, strategically placed, right next to the till. Those careless and unexcited players bet one set of numbers and don’t even check the draw results until much later when they hear an advert on radio about unclaimed Lotto millions. They scramble about until they find the ticket and then, a little nervous now, they check the numbers and…

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