The Absolute Necessity Of Pool Fencing

The fact that pool fencing only came along a good while after the swimming pool is an absolute disgrace. Pool fencing should have been there from the very beginning. Who knows how many lives could have been saved had pool fencing been in place. These days it is only in the most uncommon of situations where you will find a pool that does not have fencing all the way around it but this is not good enough. It should be illegal requirement to have fencing around a swimming pool. This is because swimming pools are like magnets to little boys and girls.  

They automatically see a pool and want to immediately jump in. for some reason the notion of fear does not even enter their precious little minds, it is literally  a case of see pool must get into pool. This is why a fence should be mandatory. People are not just gambling with the lives of their own children but also with the lives of any child whom lives nearby.  
All it takes is a stray tennis or soccer ball to go the property boundary fence and suddenly the child is faced with ultimate temptation: the pool with no fence. Obviously he/she is going to take a wonder a little bit close since there is no fence in the way and maybe one of his/her little friends will wonder where he/she has gotten to and come and investigate. This highly probable scenario does not always end well. The second child cannot be blamed for thinking it might be funny to push the first child, not realising that the child cannot swim. This is how disasters happen.  

People make assumptions about other people’s behaviour and things go horribly wrong. Of course the person who owns the pool in question cannot be legally held accountable for the loos of life but has society sank that low that all people are concerned with is legality. Certainly that person will erect a fence around their pool the next day, but is that not a case waiting till the horse has bolted. Why should people always wait for a terrible thing to happen before they act?

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