Ten Reasons Why You Should Never Play These Six Lotto Numbers

You will never believe this, but it is a known fact amongst many lottery players that the combination of numbers: one two three four five six is a definite losing combination. Are you surprised?
Although many wise, yet inexperienced lotto players, mathematicians believe that no matter which six numbers you choose/predict in a lotto game, they all have equal chance of being the winning combination. Well, so they believe, but the question remains, are they right? No, they’re not.

Once you actually study the statistics and analyse each lottery game’s drawing outcomes, and not only in your country alone, but world-wide since as early as the year ninety fifty five, you will confidently be able to confirm all logical probabilities by applying one plain and simple rule.

The most probable will happen most frequently, and the least probable will happen less frequently. Therefore, if you always play the probabilities you stand a much better chance of winning at a lotto game. For example if you use a pattern of numbers which has only won five % of lottery games, then you can be certain of a ninety five % chance of losing. Or if you chose a combination of six numbers which has never in the history of any lottery game been chosen, then plain common sense will tell you that you have a zero chance at winning.

Surely those mathematicians who believe the opposite to be true should listen to their common sense instead of mathematical calculations and realise their calculations and beliefs are totally absurd when it comes to a lottery game.

If you really want to win at a lottery game one day, take note of these ten reasons why you should never play these six lotto numbers:

1. One number combination
2. Sequential numbers
3. Pattern betting
4. Bordering Numbers
5. Calendar Figures
6. All numbers are low, and not half only
7. Tail end of a bell bend
8. Twenty thousand tickets sold at each lotto draw
9. Not a well-adjusted game
10. Falls short of the seventy % of the possible range of sums

So now you know. If you are playing these numbers, try and avoid them the next time you get your lotto ticket from http://luckynumbers.co.za/

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