Sport Betting In South Africa

South Africans love sport, be it rugby, cricket, soccer or even bowls. With this love of sport, comes an equally great love for sport betting. Sport betting in South Africa has always been a thriving, industry; the illegality that prohibited punters from engaging in this pastime legally barely even slowed them down. Everyone has always enjoyed placing a bet.

For years, until very recently, the only sport where south Africans could legally place a bet was horse racing. This is because horse racing is not considered to be a game of chance, though how sports like rugby and cricket could not enjoy the same status is a mystery. Surely these sports could not have been relegated to the ranks of games of chance, like roulette and slots.

Sport betting in south Africa was forced to operate under the radar, so to speak, but there was always very little risk of prosecution. The police in South Africa have a very strong sporting tradition, especially boxing, and as result some of the keenest punters came from their ranks. Sport betting was done at your local grocery store. From here the shopkeepers ran a very efficient sports betting operation, odds were offered based on both current and past form, and the machine ran as smoothly as any professional bookmaker.  

Sport betting in South Africa was in fact a big open secret. A secret that many punters still miss today, in the age of online betting. The new age of sport betting in south Africa means that punters can now place bets on any sporting event, happening anywhere in the world at any time, day or night. The arrival of smart phones, to our shores, means that the expression anywhere, quite literally means ANY WHERE. The geographic constraints of the past have now completely been removed. The smart phone and the facility that allows punters to place bets during an event had changed the face of sport betting forever.

Armchair spectators can now take their favourite pastime to a whole new level and back every one of those hunches, especially when it looks like a comeback is on the cards.

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