Sport Betting In South Africa

How big is big? If you consider the amount of People in South Africa standing in almost never ending cues just to try betting on the possible 6 winning combination of balls for the lotto in South Africa, then just try imagining the amount of people in South Africa who participate in Sport Betting in South Africa.
The lotto alone; I’m not sure if lots of round numbered balls tumbling in a large see through container and racing down a tunnel to see who comes first, and only six balls can win; counts as a sport, but if it does, then it would probably be one of the leaders who upholds the highest sport bets in South Africa, we are talking millions of people in South Africa, and not only once a month or week, but several times a week, now that’s big sport betting, and that’s just in South Africa! Imagine how big Sport Betting is worldwide.
In South Africa we see so many people participate in Sport Betting, by using their bread and milk money, some even their transport/taxi money; not even to mention the ladies who use their grocery money; not worrying about tomorrow, only hoping and praying that their little bet wins so that they can have better lives.
Sport Betting in South Africa is big, no huge; no massive, it’s really large! And the great shame of it all is that not only do the people in South Africa support their favorite sports teams at all times, no matter if it rains or snows, they also place sports bets on their teams even if they cannot afford it, believing that their team is the best, and their team will win no matter what, and their favorite team will bring them luck and money. But the sad reality is that not everyone wins, and that hundreds of people in South Africa who believe in sport betting no matter the cost, have gambling problems. Many have lost their husbands or wives, their children taken away from them, and some even resulting having to live on the streets.

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