South Africa’s Curious Monkeys

Sun City is a magnificent holiday destination. It is fun, gorgeous and full of casinos. It is also full of monkeys. A lot of cheeky and curious monkeys. They constantly invade hotel rooms and ransack the entire place. Now, you do not want to meet these ‘cute’ creatures while driving. I drove down to Sun city in my little Polo, windows open, jamming to some rock music and excited for the weekend to come.

Apparently monkeys like rock music… and Polo’s. A flock of them ascended onto my vehicle. I laughed at first, then I heard them jumping and I heard my car being completely obliterated. Eventually they moved on.. and I was left with a lot of work to do on my car. IF I only listened to my boyfriend and invested in a 4×4 rental.

The monkeys would not have gotten to the roof, they would not have damaged the body work and I would have probably been listening to TOTO to get into the spirit of 4×4’s and Africa… No rock music to attract the little monsters.

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