South African Sports Betting

South African sports betting has always been a thriving industry, partly because we are so passionate about our sport and partly because as a nation South African s enjoying gambling. This passion for games of chance probably has its roots in the fact that they were all illegal until not so long ago.

Not that the illegality did much to slow the South African punter down. For all horseracing bets the Tote provided an excellent service and for all other sports betting the local corner shop sufficed. These corner shop bookmakers provided did a very good job and provided an efficient and effective service.  

Since the legalisation of sports betting and other gaming activities in South Africa, sports  betting has been raised to a whole new level with everything just a few clicks away. Sport fans , especially the older ones remember the days of isolation and exclusion. Now sports betting fans in south Africa can really feel like they are part if the global village. You can now place bets, with absolute security, on any sporting event around the world. Whether you fancy a flutter on the Around the World yacht race or the Masters of Snooker final, it’s all there, at your fingertips.
Online betting companies make it as easy as possible to open an account and start placing bets. Sites like Tab online, Ladbrokes and bet365 offer you up to the minute scoring and every possible betting combination.

South Africans have taken to sports betting with gusto and this why so many of the big names of British and European bookmaking, e.g. Sporting Bet and Betfair, are setting up major franchises over here. They see South Africa as a massive untapped market of gambling enthusiasts.
While the growth in the South Africa sports betting market is inevitable and it might end up as large as that in India, everyone hopes that this will be possible without all the scandal and dishonourable conduct that has marked the growth of the industry in most other countries. So far South Africa have been fortunate too many negative incidents, but with so much money at stake who can say how long this will remain the case

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