South African Online Casino Services

Online Casinos in South Africa is the reason for constant speculation, uncertainty and total confusion. Many people and organisations have stated that online casino gambling is legal in South Africa as many even advertise their legality on their websites, and then you find many others stating the opposite and that it’s in actual fact highly illegal still in South Africa. When we investigate the matter ourselves, we too are left confused. 

One thing which is certain is that betting on sports events is legal in South Africa online or offline. The National Gambling Acts do not shed enough detailed light on the online casinos legality I believe. In press statements the illegality of online casinos in South Africa is highlighted and punished by a stern prison sentence or a severe fine, even the actual advertising of such businesses are punishable by law. But then in many other articles it is said that some casinos in South Africa is still currently in a court battle with regards to the matter and has received permission to continue their online casino’s until judgment has been established.

Who do we believe? And what is true?

The fact remains that the gambling and gaming trade is massive in South Africa offline or online. There are also numerous online casinos in South Africa and they are extremely popular. Whether an online casino in South Africa is legal or illegal obviously does not concern the general South African population as all of the online South African casino’s websites are still up and running and successful. 

Most South Africans have been to casinos before, and I must admit, I see the advantage and demand online casinos hold. South African casinos are always almost completely full, extremely busy and not as safe as it used to be years ago. With the high crime rate in South Africa, I doubt that anyone will feel safe to leave a casino while carrying their cash winnings on them, or being harassed for money while you’re busy gambling in the casino. Online casino gambling, should be legalised in South Africa, if not already.
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